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  1. Fellas,

    Unfortunately it's hard to please everyone for events like this. I can take that info into consideration for future shows. 


    Trying to coordinate a show with vendors and their other conflicting dates for other areas of our great fishery can be tricky. 


    We shoot to have our show when there's less of a chance of snow, and better weather for those who make the trip. This shows been running for longer than my lifetime, and we, the club do our best to keep it going and keep it fun.


    If you can make, we hope you enjoy yourselves. If not, maybe next time. 


    Cheers to a good upcoming season! 



  2. I'll be around as well. Come find us down in the marina. 


    If trolling, 1,2,3,5 color cores are productive right now. Long leads on the riggers with spoons. Down 10 to 25 foot. 


    Deeper fish are taking gamblers behind traps. 

    Personally, leave the coppers home. Our water is still cold after the big blow all weekend. Fish are still in 15 fow out to 300 foot. Orange has been the best spoon color in a variety of patterns and sizes. Current is a little wicked depending on area. You can't go wrong fishing the front door at the marina. 


    If you wanna venture there's a decent brown bite in a few areas of the lake with LLS in the mix. More rainbows chewing than anything tho. Troll fast! 


    See ya on the water. 



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  3. I've always liked the smaller jointed Rapala's this time of year. The last few weeks, sticks haven't been the best. Scorpions in a variety of colors with brass backs and moonshine walleye series with brass backs have been the go too. Reel Rage spoons on brown Town has been a top producer. Trolling 3.0 GPS has been the ticket, with Lures down 5 to 12 foot. Have fun! 


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  4. 12 hours ago, Trouthunter said:

    How big was the atlantic & if you know about what the water temp. was where you caught it Thanks

    Water temp was 41 on Friday am. Marina water was 47 Thursday..


    I imagine it's warming up fast.



    The Atlantic was about 5 lbs. 




  5. Splashed the boat for 2023 Thursday. 

    Despite the forecast for Friday we snuck out in the heavy NW winds and hit the water around 8 am. Fished for a little over an hour to make sure all systems are a go. 


    Flatlines off the boards and 1 colors with riggers parked at 7 and 10 foot working 12-18 fow. 


    Took a beautiful Atlantic to start, 2 more browns and lost a few others in the short time out there. Scorpion spoons and reel rage took the bites. Water was a bit messy from all the rain on Wednesday night. The winds pushed in large tree sections and piles of leaves and misc debris. Waters super high at the ramps. Was unable to get out over the remainder of the weekend. Fingers were a bit cold so no photos of the fish. Sorry fellas. Had 1 visible eel the other fish were clean. 


    Looking to be a great season. The marina is full of water life from bait to some large predators lurking. Have fun and see ya on the water. 






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  6. Annual Finger Lakes Trollers show. 

    March 26th, 2023. 9am-1pm.

    50 plus vendors. 

    80 tables to shop.

    BC's Hots Food Truck




    Club sign-ups, derby sign-ups, derby raffle, fishing Charters, 4 spoon companies, Flys on site, new and used all things fishing/ boating. Outdoor items, camping and hunting. 


  7. You can't go wrong with 2d. I have all Garmin including panoptics. It's a great tool but not necessary in all honesty. It's nice to know how far off or back a fish can be where traditional doesn't generally allow you to see that information as the cone will read a target but which direction, who knows. 
































    Anyways, Garmin UHD units are a great bang for the buck. Currently on sale at west marine and bass pro for big savings. 7 and or 9 inch screen is plenty with transducer. If you find one with a gt54, no worries it will do the same job. 




    And if you decide to upgrade. The networking Is easy. 



















































































































































  8. 18 hours ago, Gill-T said:

    I have to question the timing of some of the tackle flea markets. The end of March guys are starting to hit the lake. Why not have these events in February when everyone is dying to do something outdoorsy?  


    The watkins show had always been the last Sunday of March since the very first show I do believe. At this time we have not decided to move up the date. Ours will be March 26th @ 9am to 1 PM. Food trucks and roughly 50 vendors with over 80 tables to shop! 

    Looking forward to it already. Some years it snows, some years it's nice... I wish we could always choose the weather. 



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