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  1. On 4/28/2023 at 2:12 PM, scobar said:

    Thanks Kurt!

    and good eye on the reel covers Topcat!


    I'm willing to take a few things off if it helps for someone. I would still prefer to do a package deal but...


    -$1,000 no Smart Troll with 3 inline transmitters.

    -$1,400 MotorGuide Xi5 with sonar and GPS built in 80#, 72" 24V NEMA

    -$900 no Lowrance Live 9" transducer 3 in 1 stays on boat, I have a brand new 2nd transducer.

    -$1,000 no downriggers, 2 electric and one manual

    -$250 no Sub Troll with extra head unit and probe (2 full units)

    -$1,000 all fishing gear


    Take the above off and boat, trailer, kicker with a new Suzuki 140DF is $17,950 firm


    the above may be for sale after boat is sold only.


    I would take the fishing gear for 1K and will come over to get it (I'm on east side of LO.) I know you said you want to sell with the boat but if thats of interest to you, just let me know by PM please. Thank you.

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