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  1. I have one Penn 340 and two 345 reels for sale. All are in great shape and haven't seen much use.

    I used them to troll with copper. Originally purchased for as much as $370.00/reel.

    They have never seen saltwater.

    Each reel will come with a rod clamp and reel wrench.
    PM me to set up shipping/payment arrangements.

    Prices are as follows:

    Penn 340 $200 + shipping

    Penn 345 $225 + shipping














  2. We fished out of Oswego on Saturday and Monday during the Memorial Weekend. Saturday we targeted Browns in the 20-60 fow range and caught one on Stinger Spoon. Later in the morning we slid out to 100-120fow looking for Kings and had one on and it came unbuttoned.  Monday we fished from 60 to 250 fow. Had best marks 25 to 65 feet down in 140 fow.  Caught one nice Steelie on a dipsey running around 50' down. Fished a spread of Stingers and Stingray spoons in the deeper water and small spoons in shallow. .  It was dead calm for most of the day.  Hardly any fishing boats, scattered bait pods. Anybody else have a better report?

  3. I have 2 hydraulic cylinders…on on the kicker and one for the rudder. I switch from main engine to the kicker with a valve switch. The pump is a Up Helm unit. This system seems to be unique but it works for my boat. The only hiccup is the Raymarine autopilot that will make steering difficult due to it’s inherent design.

  4. I am looking to upgrade my autopilot from a Raymarine XR-5 helm unit to a below deck unit. I have a 350 Chevy Inboard and an 8 hp Yamaha kicker. Hydraulic steering which has a hydraulic switch that can change the steering from rudder to kicker.  26’ Penn Yan, 10’ beam. I’m not looking for cheap, looking for reliability and longevity.

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