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  1. That is correct...Torpedo speed and temp copper core stainless coated and corresponding antenna along with a spare paddle wheel, o ring and power cord.
  2. All REASONABLE offers will be considered. Use Private Message board. TY.
  3. Add what I have listed on eBay and you will have a complete system. Seller name "drlfc".
  4. I just listed a used but not abused Fish Hawk X4 probe on ebay. Seller name "drlfc".
  5. Used Moor probe, stainless steel transmitter cable, matching antenna, power cable and a few other components for sale. All are fully functional. Cross posted on eBay. Asking $299.
  6. I was there Weds. No problem... High and dry.
  7. If you are looking for some spare parts for your Moor Sub Troll 900 check out my two listings on eBay. There are several new/used cables, new and used probes, O rings, etc. May trade for a spare Fish Hawk probe +/- cash. PM me if you want to make a reasonable offer. eBay seller name is drlfc.
  8. I have an X4 and a Moor Sub Troll 900 complete systems for sale currently on eBay. Also a box of new components for a Moor Sub Troll 900. All are listed as Buy It Now.
  9. Cleaning station has been fully operational for a few weeks now. Thank you to the powers that be!
  10. I have just finished an upgrade to my 1984 Penn Yan Helm. New switches and fuse holders, main engine hour meter, new throttle control block, etc. I spent a huge amount of time researching the wood grain material for the base. Overall this project was about 30-35 hours of time...some of it with a dedicated buddy to help me. Attached photos are the after and before images.
  11. Could you post more pictures of this boat please?
  12. Definitely lovin' the new dock and marina. Its a bonus the fishing has been on fire as well!
  13. How about you post pictures of the colors you have. Thanks!
  14. If you're blade is serrated like mine I would recommend the Work Sharp system. Seems to "work" for me.
  15. My vote goes to Frogg Toggs also. You won't be dissapointed.
  16. I sent my motor box back to Raymarine and they repaired it for $75.00.
  17. My 26' Penn Yan is hydraulic steering and it works great! Here are the details: Comes with following: 1 - Sportpilot X5-R Factory refurbished wheel drive unit with 1 brass steering wheel mount, 1 woodruff key, 1 tapered key, and 1 steering wheel nut. 1 - SPX5 Course Computer 1 - Flux Gate Compass 1 - ST 6002 Control Head 1 - Rudder Reference Sensor 1 - Set of instruction and installation manuals. You will need to provide your own mounting screws. This drive unit has been discontinued and is impossible to find alone or as a complete system! Do not hesitate if you've been wanting an autopilot on that smaller, cable or hydraulic steered boat. This complete system is hard to find. $1800 plus freight or pickup in Rome, NY. I have to complete the uninstall so it may be a week or two before I ship.
  18. I'm going to be selling my Raymarine SPX-5 Autopilot. It has been factory refurbished. Interested?
  19. Out of Oswego 8/26/17 We launched from Wright's just before dawn on the "Down Time" 19' center console. Ran to 250 fow and set up with a bunch of other boats. Screen was blank all the way to 375 fow. Made a turn SE and headed toward the plant. Managed a 12# Coho off a dipsey back 300'. Beautiful fish! In 250 fow we took a small king from the same dipsey. After a long dry spell we kept trolling into 135 fow and had a mature King on a Sutton 88 down 130'. Finally, the 600 copper took off with a Stinger UV chicken wing as I flippped the reel clutch forward to engage the drag...awesome fight. Landed a 23 pounder. Last fish was a beautiful 14# Coho on a Wonder Bread magnum J plug down near the bottom over 137 fow. Finished the day with 5 fish. Hardly marked any fish or bait all day but we sure felt a few. Great day to be on the lake. Good luck to all for the rest of the season. Lou
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