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  1. I use the 9’ for browns as well. However, I have a full compliment of them. Thanks for the reply!
  2. Thanks for the info. I'll check it out this weekend.
  3. Anyone have any of these rods they would like to sell? They need to be 2 piece. I use them as downrigger rods for Kings and really like them
  4. On Sunday we went 4 for 8 in 120-160 fow. Caught one Coho on a meat rig off a downrigger. Two Kings took flasher/flies on dipseys and one King we caught very early in the morning on a spoon in 68 degree water. The number of fish we marked was decent early on and then they all descended to the bottom to rest during the late morning.
  5. Tuna Tom’s contact info please.
  6. I know this is off topic….but what is the problem with the clickers on these Penn 340 and 345s? I have a few of these reels and have rebuilt the clickers without any improvement. The clicker button is loose and the clicker sound is pathetically anemic. HELP!
  7. Fished from 175- 750 today. Had 3 bites. Two were on 400’ copper with a flasher/fly the other came on a white 12” square flasher with a glow white meat rig….no twinkies. Only got the one king on the meat rig. Marks are scarce, very scarce. I hope they show up soon!
  8. This looks like something I’d be interested in. My 26’ Penn Yan is docked at Wrights Landing. I also fish Oneida for Walleye on a friends boat. I think we maybe able to work something out. I fish weekends and also on Wednesdays. Not sure which direction you are from Oswego but I’m just NE of Camden. I’ll call you to discuss.
  9. Fished Friday from the Salmon River to Cranberry Pond and back. 10 fow to 30 fow. Never had a touch. Good water color, waves 1-3 feet, west wind.
  10. This 2013 Tohatsu is perfect in every way. 9.8hp 4 stroke, long shaft. Very low hours. Has been camouflaged in Realteee Max 5 with 3M vinyl film. Will come with 3 gal tank, fuel hose, owner’s manual AND a spare propeller. Excellent condition. Local pickup in Rome or Taberg, NY. $1700 takes all!
  11. Ive done that a few times. Sometimes it is productive. If you cant get onto the big lake it certainly is an option. I would rather troll in front of the Salmon river at first light. Definately more productive if the salmon are still running.
  12. Wallysacket...I surely wished you lived closer but Rochester is a bit far for either of us to travel. I was really looking for someone in Region 6 or 7. Thanks for the reply!
  13. I’m looking for a person or a small group of people to hunt Canada Geese. I live in the Camden, NY area. I have a few layout blinds, a few dozen decoys and lots of ambition. Anyone interested?
  14. Emailed them with my invoice# and I had a check for the refund in a few days. I guess you have to request a refund. Doesn’t seem as though refunds will be automatic.
  15. Chris, Do you still have these for sale?
  16. I have a few lots of salmon gear for sale on eBay. Mostly flasher/fly. I can also muster up some spoons from my own private stock. Search seller drlfc.
  17. Did you use 2 wires? One for the full keel and one for the half keel or just one wire to the full keel?
  18. I think tournament control called for a one hour delay.
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