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  1. What make/model machine did you have these on?
  2. I'm almost 100% sure you have to register it in your state of residence using your home address. Just food for thought...what address would you use to register the boat here in NY? Mike's Marina address? Beth would love that...LOL.
  3. Fished my final trip of the season on the Horsin' Around yesterday. Started in 20 fow just south of the Salmon River. J Plugs, spoons, jointed Rapalas and FF were deployed. Took a good rip on a glo/black striped J plug off a slide diver back 100' and down 20. Didn't land that one. Next hit came on a small dipsey, double orange crush Stingray back 30'. Didn't get that one either. Last hit was off the 11' Downrigger back 70' on a mag Stinger Superman. Boated that one! Nice, but very dark colored fish around 28 lbs. All the action we had was in front of the Salmon River in 20 fow. GPS speed was 2.1 - 2.6 mph. I'm moving on to the next seasons...geese, ducks, walleye and DEER! Too many choices. Good Luck and Good Day!
  4. Please explain to me why the circle diameter technical data matters? Mag dipsey data down/out data matters. Look on Great Lakes Fisherman's website.
  5. I flocked about 4 doz geese heads this past winter. Purchased a kit from an eBay seller. They came out well. Stored them in decoy bags and put the heads in socks. PM me if you need more info.
  6. I opted for a Furuno 10 years ago. Still a solid unit with much better customer service after the sale than Lowrance or Raymarine. Just my 2 cents.
  7. I vote for the Torpedo 7 strand as well. I don't use any backer...a 1000' spool fills my Diawa SG47LC reels right to the rim.
  8. You can also buy a lot of rubber bands for the cost of 1 Chamberlin Release. P.S. This discussion belongs in the tackle and techniques forum. It has nothing to do with fishing reports from around Calf Island.
  9. I use Black's releases and a rubber band. I have very few false releases. I did abandon the pinch pad type releases many years ago.
  10. Just a reminder the Little Salmon River Challenge is slated for Saturday July 30, 2016. Entry forms are available at Mike's Marina in person or on line at mikesmarina.com. An excellent BBQ will follow the day's fishing. Time to signup now. Captain's meeting the Friday night before the tournament will be at 6 PM. Call Beth at (315) 963-3119 for additional information.
  11. Have it painted to match the season you caught it during. You'll be happier in the long run.
  12. Anybody have the results for Henchen's Marina Shoot-Out?
  13. I leave my boat in the water all season and I would't be without bottom paint. Last fall I had the hull stripped down to the gel coat and before splash down this spring I applied 4 coats of a barrier coat (Interprotect 2000) and 2 coat of bottom paint (VC 17M). You need to waterproof that gel coat or water will get into the fiberglass and rot what ever wood the hull has in it. I vote for bottom paint in your situation.
  14. Thanks for the update Greg. Your efforts towards this tournament do not go unnoticed. Thanks to Burkey, you and a host of other dedicated volunteers the Oswego Pro-Am lives!
  15. You can fish the Salmon River for Smallmouth Bass, Skamania Steelhead and Atlantic Salmon. I thinks the fishing will be spotty but good luck. The better gamble will be Lake Ontario for Browns and Kings. If this is your first time or two....hire a guide or charter a boat. It will be well worth the $$.
  16. We are in (Horsin' Around). Any other Amature teams in?
  17. Fishing without a speed/temp probe is just boating. I own 2 different brands and would't leave the dock without them.
  18. I see the last report was almost 2 weeks ago. Any new information on how the Shipping Lane is fishing?
  19. drlfc

    for sale : usa 1985 Penn Yan 262 Tunnel Drive

    Do you have any close-up photos of the newly rewired instrument panel? I want to redo my 1984 Tunnel Drive's instrument panel and I'd like to see how yours came out. Thanks in advance for the reply. Lou
  20. Fished Saturday from Stoney Creek to Stoney Point in 30 - 50 fow. Minimal marks and even less bait. Took one skippy and one jack king salmon off 7 colors of lead black/silver Alewife stinger and slide diver out 50 and back 50. Moved out to the 140 ft flat and took 2 lakers off the bottom with blue/silver cowbells and a spin &a glow. Pretty blank screen for 8 hours of fishing. No Browns. My advice is to stay home or try a different lake. Ontario fishing is in a lull right now!
  21. Went out of the Little Salmon River Wednesday AM. 160 - 320 FOW from 9 mile to just east of Oswego. We caught 2 lake chickens and 1 king about 8#. Did not target lakers...we were after kings. Kinda slow day...some marks, not a lot. Another boat in the marina was out probing brown trout water and caught 4 in the 3 - 4 lb range. I think the past weekend's blow upset the apple cart for awhile.
  22. Here's something to think about. 10 years ago I bought a Furuno fish finder and a Lowrance GPS. Never had one issue with the Furuno unit...it's been bulletproof. The Lowrance unit gave me nothing but problems along with chip incompatibility issues. The last time I was going to send it back, Lowrance no longer supported that unit. THINK ABOUT SERVICE AFTER THE SALE. Lowrance is notorious for being of little help after the warranty expires ( heard this from numerous fishermen). I'd buy another Furuno but NEVER another Lowrance.
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