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    Are the goose decoys still for sale? If so, please contact me at drlfc at aol dot com. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. I have used Wayne twice over a 20 year period. Class act and a thorough job. Highly recommended!
  3. Boat US...never had a claim...thank God!
  4. I switched to Big Jon electric planer reels about 3 years ago. My boat is docked all season long...Indoors in the off season. So far they have been bullet-proof. I let them out manually and retrieve them with the motor. Excellent investment in my crew's shoulders!
  5. Beth at Mike's Marina on the Little Salmon River has a lodge. Call her for pricing and availability (315-963-3119). Also, Jellystone park has a lodge that they rent by the week+.
  6. Mexico Bay. 9/28/14. Fished 130 - 230 fow. Temp still down 130' , fish were not terribly cooperative but here are a few screen shots. Furuno screen looked like this most of the morning. All the targets found were 120 - 140 feet down. There is fish just outside the bay...hopefully the run is just late.
  7. In front of the plant is too far west. I mean almost directly northwest of Catfish Creek. Sorry but I did not notice any clips. All fish released to fight another day. Temp was down 130- -150 feet. Amazing what a west blow will do to the thermocline!
  8. I'll sell you a Raven Martix XL with a reel cover for $200 To your door. used only 4 times. Sweet reel and will include backer and floating line. Email me at [email protected]
  9. 250' off Catfish Creek. 140'-150' of cable at 2.0-2.2 MPH Down speed. F/F or spoons. Salmon galore!
  10. Nice report. Keep up the good posts! Can't wait until I can get out again.
  11. Unit is fully functional, external antenna, monochrome display, NauticPath SD card included. See eBay listing for photos #201163251795.
  12. Looking for two sets of Big Jon or other sturdy brand of triple rod holders. With or without backer mounting plates. Reply to [email protected] Thanks! Lou
  13. Are any of the rodholders triples? Lou Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. I have had better luck splitting them up in lots of 1 dozen and listing them on eBay. Starting bid $9.99/dozen. It takes more time but they will sell that way. Good luck!
  15. Yesterday I was advised by Beth at Mike's Marina that there is a big fish derby for boats fishing out of the Little Salmon River during the Oswego County Pro-Am. $200 entry fee. You can contact her for further details at (315)963-3119.
  16. On November 27, 2013 Dr. Lou Calabrese of Taberg, NY harvested a personal best 11 point buck on his farm in the town of Annsville. Hunting from a box blind, the buck gave Lou a 75 yard shot with his .270 rifle over a field of winter wheat on a cloudy and snowy afternoon. The deer field dressed 175 pounds and has an inside spread of 20 1/2 inches. Off to the taxidermist we go!
  17. My 26' Penn Yan is a tunnel drive with an 8 hp yamaha kicker. PM me if you would like to chat.
  18. My sons and I attended the picnic and awards. Good company, fantastic food, plenty to eat and drink and a perfect venue. Too bad Mother Nature did not give us a decent day to fish. Only a handful of brave soles ventured out onto the lake to fish. Congrats to all the derby winners. We are looking forward to next year already. Lou
  19. It is still available. Please contact me through the PM service. Lou
  20. All I have left is an 8# Cannon style weight. The first $25 can claim it. Pickup in Mexico, Taberg or Rome, NY or can ship for $13. Lou
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