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  1. krux5506

    Video on gobie on bass spawn

    the general consensus from bass fishermen or lets say those who primarily target bass is that the smallmouth fishing has improved since the gobie infestation. That is what I hear from most guys, I haven't totally come to that conclusion myself aside from the quality vs quantity aspect, and again any of these tournaments that start on a bay but include the lake are practically always won with smallmouth, not largemouth from the bays. I wouldn't have issue with pushing out the opening day by a couple weeks, but I would leave the catch & release as is.
  2. krux5506

    Video on gobie on bass spawn

    To answer your question I would say to not target bedding bass like some people seem to do. Yes, I know just by casting around you can pick a bass off it's bed without knowing, but we know there's people who specifically sight fish beds. Also, not all of these fish are spawning at the exact same times either, you can sight them out in shallow water on the lake and see this for yourself during those times. Many also go into the bays where gobies aren't as much of an issue if at all. I'm not much of a bass tournament fisherman at all and go back and forth on how much those guys actually care about conservation vs their little payouts so I won't really defend their practices much, I'm only speaking from a C&R perspective. I think I said in another thread that I believe tournaments are more detrimental to these populations than our current C&R regs.
  3. krux5506

    A-Hole with fireworks

    Sorry man. I'd be sick to my stomach too. The older I get, the more stupid fireworks seem.
  4. krux5506

    Video on gobie on bass spawn

    Leave the regulations as is. Gobies have been in the lake for years now and as a result the bass have only gotten bigger, and maybe moved to deeper water here and there. I don't agree with targeting bedding bass specifically, I think they should be left to do their thing. The smallmouth are still in the lake, but the techniques have changed drastically since I was a kid. I don't see there being a huge decline in population when most bass tournaments on the bays around here that include Lake O are in fact won with smallmouth, tenfold.
  5. krux5506

    Video on gobie on bass spawn

    Very cool video, thank you for sharing.
  6. krux5506

    centerpin setup

    Anything Raven is a decent start. I like their rods better than their reels because I think theres comparably priced reels that are way better...like Islander.
  7. krux5506

    Onboard charging system question

    You could have two units but it's more room/weight and two plugs...but yes you could do it. Personally I'd try and get a 4 bank. I recently got a 3 bank Minn Kota Precision charger and I like it a lot. I know they make them in 4 bank also.
  8. krux5506

    boat cover

    Yeah usually I tow with no cover but if the weather is bad or early season with salt still around on roads it's nice to not have the inside of the boat get crapped up
  9. krux5506

    boat cover

    Ummmm I never take my trolling motor off my Lund...Luckily the travel cover fits over most of it, then I just bungee it down good. I use a travel cover as a mooring cover because I keep the boat on a hoist at our cottage. I bungee it down by the loops. What's not to understand about why someone would need a travel cover?
  10. krux5506

    SLR Bass opener

    Wow thats a slob. I'm 99% catch and release but I kept a smallie this past weekend for a solo dinner, kinda for the heck of it. Right around the 3lb range, maybe 3.25. First time I've eaten one in probably 20 years and I must say it was pretty dang good. Very mild flavor.
  11. Nice job, it was a great day to be out Saturday.
  12. krux5506

    South Bay Boat and Tackle

    I also just had a bunch of work done at Seager's and was very pleased with the work. I will try South Bay next time, if they have since figured out there's such a thing as a 24v trolling motor and what a battery series is then I'd probably trust them to do my end of year maintenance.
  13. krux5506

    How much thrust electric for 14 ft. aluminum?

    Seems the general rule of thumb is buy the biggest you can afford. That's what I did when I upgraded, although more so bought the biggest within the 24v range because I don't have room for 3 trolling motor batteries + cranking battery.
  14. krux5506

    How much thrust electric for 14 ft. aluminum?

    Depends how fast you wanna go! My 17' Lund came with a 46# Motorguide which moved the boat OK but I've sinced upgraded to something way better. I would think a bow mount 46# would be more than enough for your boat, but the extra thrust comes in especially handy on those windy days. I also had a transom mount minn kota (36# I think...) on an old 12ft aluminum that pushed it good.
  15. krux5506

    Bass ripped off the beds

    I'm big into bass fishing but not tournament fishing. Fished a tournament last year (first bass tournament) on my home port and left feeling pretty discouraged due to the obvious neglect put on most of the 5+lb smallies weighed in that were likely caught in deep water, "released" just to float around belly up. 20+ boats in this tournament all with limits caught most of which were great sized fish. A few guys were properly "fizzing" the fish but plenty of these nearly trophy sized smallies definitely died despite fizzing efforts. I left that tournament having a hard time picturing myself entering another one due to that along with many of those guys obviously not caring. My point is I have a hard time picturing C&R being more detrimental to healthy bass populations than the constant tournament pressure that many lakes get.