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  1. Wow that's a lunker. Back when I was his age I don't think I ever broke 3lbs for smallies out in lake O but the numbers were always consistent. More of a quantity over quality type of fishing. Now 4+lb and into the 6 range has become more and more common.
  2. Cool to hear Drelick's does this kind of thing, he's right around the corner from me and I always wondered what kind of stuff he gets into.
  3. Yup the bay has been pretty good so far although Father's Day was slow for me! Kinda think the weather was possibly just too nice that day...
  4. krux5506


    Haven't fished Blind Sodus in a year or so, I never really had a great time back there just a few largemouth here and there but I would have figured with it breaking open the way it did, it actually would help out the water quality a lot. Mid to end of summer back there used to just be kinda nasty brownish water. Once it breached it flushed it out a whole lot. Not saying it's a good thing though just saying it definitely changed a lot after that.
  5. I'm in the same boat as you, but really the dog days of summer are my least favorite times to bass fish except for early morning. I can go out on my home port for 5 hours and end up with 4 fish. Between getting the boat ready, waking up early, getting everything together and going out in the hot sun, it can get pretty daunting and just frustrating. I said a couple weeks ago I was done in the bays until we get into September and the water starts coming down in temp. Lake O is worth focusing on more during summer than any of the bays.
  6. Yes and I think it opened about a week ago
  7. smallmouth are good but I have kept one in the past 20 years or so, and that was last year. I'd rather C&R
  8. I was surprised the Coast Guard didn't even check the date of my flares when I was stopped.
  9. Damn I should've read more than 2 out of the 4 pages.
  10. Does any local PD or NYS PD really have the right to do random checks on the water with no probable cause? I know the Coast Guard to be the only law enforcement agency (in NY) with this right - to stop you for whatever reason at all. If any other water patrol is able to do that, that's news to me. I was stopped in 2017 in Fair Haven by the Coast Guard for a "safety check" and it was quick and easy, probably because I had everything. They give you a paper that says everything checks out and it's good for 1 year, in case you get stopped again you just show them that. The Cayuga County Sheriffs have been out a lot this year, though I've never seen them do boat checks of any sort whatsoever.
  11. Kayak fish the canal - believe it or not there's pretty decent bass fishing throughout the canal and it can be a fun summer time spot. All I really do is jig along the rock lines, it's some of the easiest bass fishing you can do but I've never really fished through Brockport so I can't say how good it would be around there. I'd recommend registering and posting this same question to bassresource.com. This board's bass section is pretty dead. Bass Resource is way more active and has a lot of people from our area regularly posting. Other than that, get out and explore your new area. That's half the fun.
  12. Finally dumped my boat in this past Sunday, launched at turtle cove which was tricky. Kinda surprised it's still open. Easy enough with my 17' Lund but anyone else with bigger boats probably would wanna launch at LSI or the state launch if it's still open.
  13. lol, yeah, that's how business works, you ARE doing them a favor by buying their product. Jokes aside, I think both Mystery and Lucky kinda suck. I guess they make a decent gift for a fishermen if you buy a 3 month subscription or something but most of the stuff in each box is crap I really wouldn't buy. It's nice to try different stuff, but most of that different stuff for me just ends up sitting in a tackle bag forever.
  14. I'd be more worried about the west barrier/pier buckling and all that damage. Not good!!!!!
  15. Nice fish, it's tough to surpass even the 5lb mark around here. Congrats!
  16. Did you get out there? How was it? Last time I fished it was a couple weeks ago for a tournament and got a 19.5 lb bag for 4th place. 1st was near 23lb, Tournament lunker was a 5.35 lber. We fished shallow the whole day, as in 10-12ft, sometimes shallower. All fish from 12 boats weighed in were smallmouth. Most guys were fishing deep but if they are shallow I'll always opt for that instead. It was a good testament to the smallie fishing being alive and well despite what plenty of people on this board have claimed.
  17. I really have no reason to make anything up, I already stated that I like the owners and their shop but that conversation 3 or so years ago is what made me go elsewhere for service. I wasn't going in there to argue with anyone, I was inquiring as a customer what I wanted done with my boat, which literally was to upgrade my trolling motor to a 24v and thus needing two 12volt trolling motor batteries rigged in a series along with heavier gauge wire from the TM to batteries... I was told by one of those twins that I needed a 24volt battery to power a 24v trolling motor. I said no, that does not exist, hence the 12v series. He then told me "well I dunno, all i ever see is 12v trolling motors".... They've since become an authorized Minn Kota repair center - That's great, I'm sure they've learned a lot since I first went there when they were starting out, and I'm not being sarcastic. As far as you claiming I'm trying to be a YouTube hero...WTF are you talking about? Are you suggesting that because they didn't understand a 24v trolling motor at the time that I should've done it myself, even as a potential customer who was trying to pay to have it done? I'm not an expert dude, but I certainly know more now than I did the first season of having my first boat, and quite honestly with bigger upgrades I'd rather pay an expert to do the work. What exactly is wrong with that?
  18. the general consensus from bass fishermen or lets say those who primarily target bass is that the smallmouth fishing has improved since the gobie infestation. That is what I hear from most guys, I haven't totally come to that conclusion myself aside from the quality vs quantity aspect, and again any of these tournaments that start on a bay but include the lake are practically always won with smallmouth, not largemouth from the bays. I wouldn't have issue with pushing out the opening day by a couple weeks, but I would leave the catch & release as is.
  19. To answer your question I would say to not target bedding bass like some people seem to do. Yes, I know just by casting around you can pick a bass off it's bed without knowing, but we know there's people who specifically sight fish beds. Also, not all of these fish are spawning at the exact same times either, you can sight them out in shallow water on the lake and see this for yourself during those times. Many also go into the bays where gobies aren't as much of an issue if at all. I'm not much of a bass tournament fisherman at all and go back and forth on how much those guys actually care about conservation vs their little payouts so I won't really defend their practices much, I'm only speaking from a C&R perspective. I think I said in another thread that I believe tournaments are more detrimental to these populations than our current C&R regs.
  20. Sorry man. I'd be sick to my stomach too. The older I get, the more stupid fireworks seem.
  21. Leave the regulations as is. Gobies have been in the lake for years now and as a result the bass have only gotten bigger, and maybe moved to deeper water here and there. I don't agree with targeting bedding bass specifically, I think they should be left to do their thing. The smallmouth are still in the lake, but the techniques have changed drastically since I was a kid. I don't see there being a huge decline in population when most bass tournaments on the bays around here that include Lake O are in fact won with smallmouth, tenfold.
  22. Very cool video, thank you for sharing.
  23. Anything Raven is a decent start. I like their rods better than their reels because I think theres comparably priced reels that are way better...like Islander.
  24. You could have two units but it's more room/weight and two plugs...but yes you could do it. Personally I'd try and get a 4 bank. I recently got a 3 bank Minn Kota Precision charger and I like it a lot. I know they make them in 4 bank also.
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