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  1. Is it hot wired into the trolling motor wires? If it's a 24v trolling motor and you wired into it, you may have fried the unit.
  2. I would say a solid 75% of my bass fishing this summer/early fall has been done drop shotting. It's either as simple as you want to make it or as complex. I also have learned it isn't about jigging these baits, however some subtle twitches of the line can be helpful if you aren't really drifting at all.
  3. I have mine through Progressive, not that I'm really pleased with them as a company as far as their nonsense politics go...but the price and coverage is pretty decent and even my insurance guy who's a family friend and saved me money everywhere else has told me to keep my boat insurance where it is due to the good cost/coverage.
  4. Very nice, glad you guys had a good time. Sometimes the fishing can be painfully slow, other times it's the opposite. It always keeps me guessing
  5. Well I don't call them "bassholes" for no reason
  6. The bulk of my fishing expenses goes toward bass fishing. That being said, I can only think of one local store that "usually" has what I'm looking for, but is pretty out of my way. Only the big box stores seem to have extensive bass fishing gear selection, like Field and Stream, but even they run out of normal items and take forever to restock. I really like buying certain fishing things off Ebay. Many of those sellers are normal tackle shops who are just smart enough to take advantage of the online market. There's also trusted sellers on there to buy other items from like trolling motors or fish finders, brand new. Typically you will save paying sales tax on Ebay if it's a purchase made from an out of state retailer. When you buy a trolling motor thats nearly 2k, saving the tax is pretty okay with me.
  7. It hasn't been all that easy this year, seems like sometimes they are in close then the next week they are all gone. Try deeper water, 25-30ft.
  8. Hard to beat a pin when you're fishing current. Plus it's fun. There's a learning curve to casting though, take the time to learn a Wallis cast properly otherwise you will battle line twist issues from side casting. Sometimes in slower current situations I really do prefer a spinning reel though. I'll still use a 13' float rod for it.
  9. Wake ban lifted as of today on Little Sodus Bay, however still NO WAKE within 600 ft of shore....this should be interesting.
  10. Interested to see how you do! I fish the bay every weekend, but I'll be out of town that weekend.
  11. Seems pretty slow from what I can tell around Pittsford/Fairport but maybe I need to break down and use live bait...
  12. The bay has been a bit slow for largemouth this month, but you will find them here and there in all different depths. The pike will be in the same general area as bass and they hit anything I'd be throwing for bass. I'd recommend throwing spinner baits for them rather than something slow moving like rubber worms/drop shot because they seem less likely to break off spinnerbaits.
  13. Not sure how it is during the week down there with the Coast Guard but I've seen them nearly every weekend this spring/summer pulling boats over left&right. Make sure you have everything you need!
  14. Decent smallmouth action for me so far this year, and I'm surprised how many are still hanging around inside the bays. Could be the cooler temps overall this summer? I'm not exactly sure though, but I'm not complaining. Looking back to my years of fishing the lake as a young kid, I do remember days where we would just get one after another all day. However, I never remember breaking the 3lb mark by much. Now when I'm out there, it may not be one after another, but it's definitely quality over quantity. 4lb smallies have become the norm, and finding them over 4/5lbs isn't uncommon. Whether this is due solely to being much more experienced fishing now vs 20 years ago is one thing, but I do think overall the fish have changed and learned to gorge themselves on gobies.
  15. Water seems to be dropping slow and steady, at least our dock is safely out of the water. I would guess the speed limit to be lifted by September if water keeps going down...Or at least that's my wishful thinking. Don't count on it.
  16. It's down a bit from last weekend, our dock is actually above water now.
  17. Yeah exactly. Plus any little bit of rain makes a big difference at this point. The water at our breakwall is almost at my neck as of last weekend (im 6ft tall) Typically in the Fall by October, there is a beach about 6 or 7 feet out from that breakwall. It almost gets to the point where the hoist won't go low enough.
  18. Been wondering lately what these water levels will bring for next year. Something tells me that unless it drops another 2 feet at least by Fall then we will have an even bigger disaster on our hands next spring. And at this rate, it's not dropping any too quick....
  19. It's supposed to pour Friday. I'm hoping that puts a beating on the ice.
  20. Supposed to warm up a bit this week, I'm hoping that ice breaks up but my Dad was at our cottage today and it doesn't sound promising. We'll see. I'm itching to get out.
  21. Well there goes that idea, lol. I actually follow that guy on Instagram but I wasn't sure what pics were from when. Thanks for the info though.
  22. Is the bay all open or is there any ice left? Looking to maybe put the boat in this weekend if the ice is out.
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