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  1. Does anyone know of or seen any Walleye caught out of Little Sodus? I don't fish for them but I've been curious about it around there lately. And if I'm not mistaken I think Blind Sodus was regularly stocked with Walleye in past years...? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Yes, but it doesn't last long and isn't easy to determine when exactly they run through there.
  3. They work pretty good actually but I only buy them at Field and Stream when they are buy one get one free. AND I'm not buying the $15-$20 ones, I'm using the $10 crayfish ones at two for one so it's not that bad....still don't like losing them though. The lipless cranks are good too but the store hasn't gotten any more in. Caught probably 20 fish on one before it eventually got wrapped around a log.
  4. All largemouth and I got 3 or 4 smallies. Had a big pike break off a Live Target crankbait (doh!..) right in front of Meadow Cove, but no other pike besides that, surprisingly. Water temp was between 49 and 51 most of the day.
  5. We bass fished the bay for almost 12 hours today...took an hour break at the cottage around 4pm but we were in hammer mode again by 5. My buddy got a nice 5lb 6oz largemouth, I got a 4.5lb smallie and we each got countless fish in between. Days like today are what makes the work week feel way too long.
  6. A buddy of mine was telling me someone he knows brings his bass boat through the channel of the state park and into the pond. I know you aren't supposed to bring a boat through there, but is that even possible to get under that bridge? I told him his buddy is full of crap, but really now I don't know. Not something I'd try, I'm just curious. I remember the bridge being quite low.
  7. A friend of mine just joined this year and has been bugging me to do the same. I don't care to fish tournaments though, so is there any point besides that to join?
  8. Fished the bay all weekend, had a good time. Lots of pike and largemouth. That wind was kicking for a while yesterday. Now I spend my Monday day dreaming of being there next weekend
  9. Jealous of you guys who get to fish there during the week. For now I'm a weekend warrior. Out of work during the week at 330, it'd take me an hour to get to my boat in Fair Haven at least, half hour to set up, maybe on the water by 5:30, fish til dark, pack up, get home by 10:30pm or so...it's do-able once in a while but that 5am work alarm always comes too quick
  10. Yes. I have a 17' Lund that handles the waves fine. But I'm not fishing when it's rough really. You'll see bass boats out there too, which I personally think is stupid..
  11. The last picture shows the part needed. Those two parts work to stabilize the shaft while moving
  12. We've left and gone back in before, but that was before they had the computer gate. The woman working just remembered us paying and let us through
  13. I have a Motorguide trolling motor I am pricing to sell - not looking to make money on it I just want to get rid of it since I've upgraded. This came on my 2010 17' Lund Rebel. 36 pound thrust, pedal controlled, 45" shaft $75 Motor works fine, but is missing a piece that helps stabilize the shaft when in the water. I can't find the part on their website for sale but there is a picture of it. I have not tried much beyond that to get this part. It is a small half circular shaped rubber piece that cradles the shaft. West Marine is able to get motorguide parts and told me to bring in the other half of the missing piece, I just havent. Also comes with a spare prop, and will include all the 8 gauge wiring I had on my boat for it. I can add pics later if anyone's interested.
  14. Yes, that's where I got the pike. Tons of small perch following my crankbait around over there
  15. Saw a lot of boats out, how'd everyone do? I know most of you guys are going for trout but I just fished the bay, which was slow. Managed a nice pike and a largemouth anyway.
  16. I launched at 4pm or so and didn't pay anything....although we didn't keep anything parked there
  17. Hey good idea...haven't caught any since I was a kid. Think they'd be hanging out around the docks? Can't say as I know a thing about their habits this time of year
  18. Gonna launch Saturday too and probably stay over night and make a weekend out of it. Wave to the black Lund if any of you see me. Tight lines
  19. As of now my phone's weather report is showing the weekend after this coming to be in the 50s/60s. Sounds good to me
  20. To the original poster - can't you just connect the battery wires from the trolling motor to the factory wiring on your boat so you can still use the 3 prong plug?
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