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  1. Still for sale ? Where in Binghamton? Thank You ..
  2. NymphO, Your one hell of a fisherman you been tear it up where ever you go followed your reports at Oneida,Erie,and now Ontario!! What's next ?? Congrats !!!! I like to give you a special Thank You for all the good reports, You really get into detail and you give good reports i really enjoy reading your reports..... GOOD FISHING !! Thanks Again, Mike
  3. mac4762

    Lead core question

    what releases do you use for core off the boards ? I'm assuming that have to be set tighter than normal correct ? Never use this set up but seems the guys are killing on this set up. Thank You !!!
  4. mac4762

    Cayuga Trolling Cayuga lake

    We are running 2.4- 2.7, surface speed , yes running boards close to docks, and the water is very clear .. over 20 ft to 60ft .. More south you go warmer the water high 40’s low 50’s .. more north you go it’s cooler .. When fishing for lakers in deep water what depth do you usually set your riggers ?
  5. Well it’s been a rough three days here at the lake, We did three small salmon the first day , three the 2nd day, yesterday did not have a hit with eight hours on the lake, trolled East side from Myers to town , trolled west side to taughannock Park . Went to Milken station trolled south to Myers yesterday. Is there something I’m missing here? Last year caught fish everyday, We were flatlining with boards close, dipsey divers , downrigging, used spoons , rapalas, FF , I’m far from being a expert at this trolling but this was frustrating trying to figure this out ... But I can say one thing it’s better than work .... any advise would be appreciated?? I’m here till Friday and I will make the best of it .. Good Luck All !!!
  6. mac4762

    Grady White Kingfish

    Is this boat still for sale ? Like to take a look at it . Where in Elmira are you located ? Let me know . Thanks, Mike
  7. mac4762

    Cayuga cayuga lake

    cayuga lake Any body get to the lake today ? thinking about launching out of Taughannock park tomorrow. Need to know on lake conditions. THANK YOU !!!!
  8. mac4762

    deans cove 8/7

    We also went to deans cove today, got there a little late had a detour on route 89 for some bike race. We finally arrived . First time fishing with dipsey divers with wire. We kept with that program two dipsey rods with wire only. We went 8 for 9 . Two lakers,Two Rainbows and 4 salmon.All fish were released for another day. All fish caught on flasher and spoons. speed was 2.25 mph on the surface. Don't have a probe so i have no idea what the lure speed was, i was letting out 153 to 160 Ft of wire over 70-120 of water hoping to get down to 50-60 ft. This trolling is all new to me.
  9. mac4762

    cayuga 8/6

    how were the fleas ?
  10. mac4762

    cayuga 8/6

    Bandrus where were you fishing out of Deans Cove ? What did you catch ?
  11. mac4762

    cayuga 8/6

    Fisherdude are you taking off from Deans Cove? This is going to be my 1st time out of Deans Cove.. Good Luck,, I'll be in a green Tracker. Mike
  12. mac4762

    cayuga 8/6

    Fishwiz I will keep my eyes open for it tomorrow. iF we find it I will get a hold of you,I Iive in Endicott. Mike
  13. mac4762

    cayuga 8/6

    Is there a bass tournament there this weekend ? Thinking about coming up tomorrow . Nice fish you caught today !!!! Mike