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    Has the bite picked up yet? I went south of Rochester last weekend and only caught one. Hoping a few more days of warm brings them in. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. Thanks, Appreciate the heads up. I have been out to Hemlock once and tossed a hair jig from shore for a little bit. I will have to try again - I heard there are some bass in the south end and around points. Maybe I will bring some plastics with me.
  3. Thanks, I had heard about that pond but haven't tried b/c 1. I wasn't sure if there was special permission needed and 2. Sounded from some like there wasn't much in there anymore. I will have to give it a shot - it's so close.
  4. Trouthunter, Do you know of any public access ponds near Avon that have fish? I see a lot of spots on Google Earth (horseshoe pond, bullhead pond, the stone quarry near AGL homes, some spots on the Genny off the Greenway trail), Ponds off Littleville road. Just looking for some small fishing holes near home.
  5. Sorry i wrote irondequoit creek in the topic but not below. Do any bass move into irondequoit creek in May/June like they do in Sandy or Oak Orchard?
  6. Do any bass move up into the creek like they do in other tributaries?
  7. Anyone been out on Skaneateles yet? Going to be there later this week and maybe early next week. Boat isn't out yet but I have shore and kayak access at the South end. Just wondering if anyone has anything worthy to report.
  8. Want to try Conesus for bullhead. Never really tried it out there before but heard theres a ton esp. at night. Based on what Ive read Its probably a few weeks too early although I thought maybe with the mild winter it would be worth a shot. Either way I have seen the south end has a lot. Been their once although not for bullhead. Parked the car and had to walk through a field to a muddy beach. Is that where they are? I have seen people say they catch them at Vitale park too. I would guess that they catch them over on the farthest east point of Vitale where its a little more mucky looking is that correct? Any tips in the right direction would be great. I want to bring my kid so he can actually catch something.
  9. Yeah - Im looking at hitting the water this week or next. Gotta get after them ASAP!
  10. My family has a place at the South End and just sent me a text pic two days ago. Ice broken up along shore line but solid in middle. Not sure about up north
  11. Wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing a bit. I mostly bass fish and like to use 1/4 ounce tubes (green colors kill for me) and when its colder - mirabou hair jigs too. I use a medium or medium light rod and 6-8 lb fluro. I mostly fish at Skaneateles b/c my dad has a place there. Im interested in jigging for the lakers and bows there though - but I don't know what Im doing when it comes to that. I have read some articles and sounds like 1 ounce tubes in white are the norm (often on braid with fluro leader). Any simple tips you can give in terms of rod, lure, differences in jigging technique (when targeting lakers and bows vs. bass). We don't have a trolling motor yet, but we do have a drift sock. Our sonar is very basic too. I know these two things limit us a bit. Any help is appreciated.
  12. Thanks man. I figured it was a long shot but it sounds like there are some fish in there. Might be fun to check out with the kids (more so than for myself).
  13. I have heard that there are Smallmouth in the end of Oatka creek where it runs into the Genesee - is that true? I have fished Oatka for browns in Caledonia with spinning gear but I love to fish for smallies and heard there are some down where it connects to the river.
  14. Anybody know anything about Little Conesus Creek that runs through Avon? I know it hooks up to the Genesee River. Seems like there ought to be something in there but there is no info out there on it. Anybody ever fish it? What fish are present?
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