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  1. Better yet...register your trailers in Maine. 100% legit and less expensive that NY.
  2. I am in Rome, NY approx 40 miles east of Syracuse.
  3. NEW PRICES!!!!!!!! Black set is now $200 + $15 Shipping Chrome Set is now $225 + $15 Shipping Buy them now, here or bid on them as they are listed on ebay under username drlfc
  4. I have a 26' Penn Yan with a tunnel drive and adding a kicker has been an adventure to say the least. I changed the steering from cable to duel core rack and pinon. One cable to the rudder and one to the kicker. I have a 8 HP Yamaha and it is bulletproof. Purchased the electric start with power tilt. As for the bracket, Mike at Mike's Marina fabricated a stationary bracket that is also bulletproof. The real test was the autopilot. After much research I now have a Raymarine Sportpilot X5. Works fine...most of the time. Feel free to contact me as I can give you an earful ...or two! Lou
  5. These weights are still for sale. Pick up a set or two before you have to pay full price at the tackle store! $250/set + $12 shipping (USPS Flat Rate)
  6. I had the same problem with my GlobalMap 4900. I unplugged the cable ends at the display head and the puck end and sprayed them with electronic connector cleaner I bought at Radio Shack. No problem since. I now do this cleaning at the beginning of each season and...so far, so good. You might be replacing a corroded cable or by plugging/unplugging cleaning off just enough corrosion to get the unit to work. Good luck! Lou
  7. I am selling two sets of three(3) Shark Weights. They are all 12 pounds. One set is Chrome and the other set is black. Used very little so they are in mint condition. They retail for about $310/set of three at Fat Nancy's in Pulaski, NY. $250 + $12 shipping (USPS)per set. Lou
  8. They are for sale. PLease contact me at [email protected] if you are interested. Thank you. Lou
  9. Is there a captain's meeting tonight? If so, what time and where.
  10. I have all kinds of spoons...NK 28 and Mags, Hammerhead, Stinger, etc. that I am willing to part with. Some are new in the packages. $1-2/ spoon. Give me an idea how much you want to spend and I will put together a lot of proven fish catchers for you. Lou
  11. Don, I tried to call your phone # last night but I need an area code. Lou
  12. I have for sale four like new Ugly Stik Big Water trolling rods. Model # BWD 1131. These are 7' one-piece rods. They are 2 years old. I used them twice on Oneida Lake for Walleye, then sold the boat I bought them for. Bass Pro list price is $49.99 I am asking $140 for all 4. Sold as a set only. You can pick them up from me or I can ship (additional $20 +/- shipping charge will apply). Lou
  13. NY Residents can register their trailers in Maine. I paid $80 for a 5 year registration for my trailer that holds my 26' Penn Yan. NY wanted $65 a year...rediculous. You still have to inspect it in NY but registering the trailer in Maine saved me alot of dough-ray-me. PM me if you want contact info. Dr. Lou
  14. Any idea when and where these "kits" will be available? Lou
  15. Usually I buy from Cabela's or Bass Pro. Sometimes EBay will have what you need at a good price. Lou
  16. Another hint is to coat the haywire twist with a light coating of 5 minute epoxy. Don't coat the swivel (duh). The epoxy coating will aid the twist in passsing through the rod guides without bunching up. Lou
  17. Great photos Paul! Your compare/contrast short essay would make my 5th grade english teacher envious. Lou
  18. I am planning a trip in late March to Ft Myers, FL and I am looking for a fishing guide to do some backwater fishing. I would like someone that has reasonable rates. Any suggestions from this board's members? Lou
  19. Are these still available? If so I would like to make arrangements to have them shipped to me. Lou
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