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  1. I have a few with the blue end if you still need one.
  2. If you’ll ship I’d like to buy them.
  3. Chris you did give me a great deal on the boat, but i did add over 2k in equipment plus i had to leave a little room for negotiation... plus i bought it in winter. Its been all the boat you said it was and more. I do have a deal going with a friend for less than i have in it if it makes you feel any better. Ralph thanks for the kind words. Too bad we cant get out after those landlocks.
  4. It is as close to mint as a used boat can be. Maybe ill throw it on boat trader...
  5. Been awhile with no serious buyers. pm me offers on anything that you may want separated from the package. i guess i will have to part it out...
  6. May possible separate kicker motor from package. Pm me if interested.
  7. Those leadcores are sold but i have a pair of 8 color combos with penn 320 teels rigged with flouro and ready to fish for 200 i would sell.
  8. Everything that is listed above is still available. I will remove items when they sell to avoid confusion.
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