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  1. Ok is anyone using INAVX for a chart plotter on their IPADS ?




    This web site shows it. You Buy the INAVX then you purchase the Navonics map in the area you fish from what i can tell.

    If this is on an IPAD and your close to the thousand islands Canada border do you pay roaming charges ?

    It would be a nice big screen.


    you tube vid makes it look easy.



    Thanks for your help


  2. it was a nice fish until they killed it.

    I've done some reading on the state regulations. To let you know, I commend this fisherman - he marked off the length on the side of the boat to see if it was close to the existing state record. The state fishing guide lists three lengths/weights per species - 1) catch and release 2) catch and keep 3) existing state record. It goes on to read that the only way to contest the existing state record is to catch and keep the fish. It must be submitted to a DNR office for testing (whereas catch and keep master angler patches can be taken to a meat market for weight verification). Therefore, to challenge the existing state record - the fish had to be destroyed.

    This was in the comments under article.

  3. I have the fish hawk manual clamp on probe you send down and bring back up to get readings. It was 55 deg 60 feet down at 6:30 am.

    I never checked temp again but the browns i landed were around 10 am in 70 feet on purple ladder back nk 28's sorry dont know exact name.

    The browns liked a longer lead about 35 feet back from ball.

    The lakers were on orange Hammer Head Cowbells with a black/silver thin fin lure trailing them, the larger size thin fin. The thin fin lures track great and dont tangle. I take the front hook completely off it and upgrade the back treble to a better quality treble hook. The factory hooks bend easy when removing hooks from flopping fish. Braddocks is shallow 18 inches at sand bars FYI.

  4. Fishing Report

    Your Name / Boat Name:





    Time on Water:


    Wind Speed/Direction:


    Surface Temp: 72


    LAT/LONG (GPS Cords):




    Total Hits: 12

    Total Boated:6

    Species Breakdown:lakers browns steelhead

    Hot Lure:

    Trolling Speed:

    Down Speed:

    Boat Depth: 50-220

    Lure De



    Couldnt get salmon bite to go. But found browns in 70 feet on bottom. Lakers around 120 and steel head were in 200 220 on dipseys 140 back on #3 setting, small nk brite colors. Lost allot short strikes in 50 - 70 range. Bait piled up in there.


  5. Anyone know how it is going through customs with gear? Do they want to look through everything or can we pack the sleds up tight?

    We didnt have any problems last year at border with sleds.

    They will ask about Booze and Beer you bring in. Save receipts.

    I made sure i was insured for canada with my sled too. Call your insurance.

  6. Slimy Grimy did not get the scum at the water line on my boat even with pressure washer.

    It works good for the very bottom of boats where no sun hits.

    The sides and transom of my boat have longer algae strands at the end of year were the sun hits.

    Slimy Grimy did not work in that area.

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