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  1. Today waa probably our last day. My daughter scored this pretty good one. Not bad for late season NY. Although it seems like the quality is starting to get better the last few years. The number of shooters on camera and seen from the stand are on the rise. Good luck to those of you still getting out. 20221230_150708.thumb.jpg.a12f6f6304d2c3c25b6c9df28d7bdee5.jpg

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  2. Was able to just beat the archery shot clock. I had 2 shooters on a cell camera just after 7am yesterday morning. I was able to move some meetings around and get in my stand at 3:30. At 4:35 this guy came cruising by looking for love. I thought the shot might have been a touch high. At dark my daughter and I went to the spot of the hit. No blood, no hair, no arrow... We followed his path of travel for about 30 yards and never found a speck of blood. Decided to back out and look for him this morning. Woke up to a covering of snow and my heart sank. Well we found him another 30 yards down the trail. Arrow broke a rib on entry and broke a far side rib and stopped just short of breaking skin, so no exit hole. You could see the broadhead poking the skin out. I shoot muzzy 4 blades. Shot took out the top both lungs. Its been a great week, 4 of the 5 of us that hunt together still holding archery tags all shot mature bucks in the last 4 days.




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  3. I was able to close out my NY archery season with a decent buck this weekend. It was one of those mornings in the woods you never forget. From 7:00 until 9:30 there was never a time I couldn't see a deer. Most of that time consisted of a 2 year old and 2 smaller bucks chasing a bunch of doe. At 1 point a could see 12 different doe in the group. At 9 this one joined the party and came in to 30 yards. It has been a great archery season for me. 2 doe early, an Ohio public land buck, and this one. Good luck this week to those still out there with archery gear and good luck and be safe during the upcoming war on deer that kicks off Saturday. 20201115_203233.jpeg

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  4. Down in South Central Ohio hunting public land this week. I was able to score on this guy last night. I was sitting above a swamp that had lots of buck sign. After a little grunting and rattling he came trotting in. It was my first kill out of the saddle. That thing is awesome for this run and gun style of hunting. I'll be back chasing NY bucks this weekend. Congratulations to those of you that have scored and good luck to those in the chase. I love this time of year!

    Now I'm camp cook for the rest of the week. Tonight's feature is smoked brisket.60167.jpeg60163.jpeg60179.jpeg20201026_154521.jpeg

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    I have three very lightly used Cannon Magnum 5st. All 3 have covers, swivel bases and amish snubbers. Two have telescoping booms with retro-ease and a single rod holder, the short fixed boom has 2 rod holders. 2 are loaded with coated cable. Also included is a spare reel loaded with bare cable.

    $900 for all three.20190727_183513.jpeg20190727_183520.jpeg


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  6. With the forecast for rain we decided to stay around the house this morning. I was lazy and stayed in but my daughter went out though and passed on 3 different bucks. Here is the biggest of the 3. We are gonna head down to our lease for the evening sit. Last night between 3 of us we saw close to 50 deer from on stand there, just need the right one to come by.11657.thumb.jpeg.1636203265e83d168d389a58f7e145b0.jpeg11658.thumb.jpeg.084b7b5837e30e07ef6bc29690a41948.jpeg


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  7. 7 hours ago, Duckman1 said:

    Instead of using your phone why dont you get a gps. They work off multiply satellites.

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    A smart phone has a GPS, the GPS in the phone does not work off cellular it works anywhere a GPS works. The OnX app allows you to download maps for "offline" use (No Internet Connections), the other feature that is really handy is that it uses the public tax maps to show property lines and property owners info. The reason I like using the app instead of a stand alone gps is that it is one less thing to carry. My phone has become my GPS/Mapping, camera, video recorder, and for those extra long sits I play euchre and yahtzee on it.

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