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  1. Hey Bandit - Hoping to get the boat ready this afternoon and maybe give things a try tonight or tomorrow morning. I'll keep an eye out for you or give you a call. Ken
  2. Past outings w/ FB . . . Always a good time out with FB.
  3. Finally got the boat in the water for the first time. Took my sone out in the AM and landed an 8# and 22# kings. Took brother-in-law out in the PM for first time trout/salmon trolling and hooked him into and landed this nice 25# (24.9# according to scale). Quit on this one - Not bad - Out for less than an hour and have him hook into his first king - and a nice one at that. FISHBANDIT - Still planning on hooking up with you at some point this summer for a few outings. Fish-Doctor / Ken
  4. Bandit - Are you still looking for these?? I sent you a PM with some info. Take a look. See Ya Fish-Doctor / Ken
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