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  1. Nice Eric!. There are some hog lakers in Cayuga. Is that long point in the far distance in the first photo? If so, you were in my summer fishing grounds. Camp is North of long point, just north of the bluffs on the East side. (Ellis point/Levanna)

  2. Just thought I would give some of you guys a heads up on the new temporary regulation on live bait in NYS. Those of you doing some ice fishing or river 'eye fishing and buying bait need to keep your receipt to prove you bought the bait. You can no longer trap minnows from one body of water to use in another until further notice. I dont know how localized this reg is but... Maybe you have known this but I just found out today when I bought some fatheads. By the way we froze our butts off today!

  3. I might have misunderstood your last post but..... I wouldnt try to pull the crank pulley, unless that would help you reach the crank bolt easier, I would just try to turn the crank over by turning the crank pulley bolt by hand with a ratchet. I would not put too much pressure on the bolt as you could possibly snap it off. However, if you can snap that bolt off by hand you are a better mine than I am. I know space is probably a concern but a wooden dowel down the spark plug port that you can tap with a hammer may break the rings free from the cylinder head. You would be tapping on the piston head directly that way. Could be very hard to access however. just a thought. good luck.

  4. Marvel mystery oil down the cylinders and let her soak for a few days. Breaker bar on the crank pulley nut to break it loose. Some corrosion may create initial wear, but I would try that first. If the engine has been seized for mechanical reasons that is another story.

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