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  1. Ok can do. Thanks.PayPal and please send your address . Can mail am tomorrow
  2. $6 each. $4 shipping send pm paypal Is [email protected] venmo @Gregory-Dale-17
  3. troubles

    Sold / Closed 1989 Robalo

    Congrats on the sale. See you for the water for the test on your new boat as soon as pa. Gets off there ass and sends title Greg Dale
  4. $20 shipped send pm paypal is [email protected] venmo @Gregory-Dale-17
  5. $18 Shipped 8 5 stainless bolts send pm paypal is [email protected] venmo @Gregory-Dale-17
  6. $15. Shipped No need to remove leader loop knot. Head of fly will pass over it. send pm paypal [email protected] venmo @Gregory-Dale-17
  7. Take $2 off for shipping both together thanks
  8. $12 Shipped send pm paypal is [email protected] Venmo @Gregory-Dale-17
  9. $16 shipped Diamond king,NK. High tech. Etc send pm paypal is [email protected] venmo @Gregory-Dale-17
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