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  1. Thanks I wanna work in tight in morning then move out as the day goes on, keep my boat in Erie all summer, did you try Gus in tight?
  2. Really I hoping to troll right at the mouth of ollcott, I remember 7 years I troll at the mouth and had a great time, it must be a really bad year there
  3. bringing boat up to ollcott this weekend, hoping to fish in tight for kings, i hear the fishing hasnt been good, but i dont see alot of reports latley, could use some adivice on some diff rigs to use! from what i seen i shouldnt be to late!! vernman
  4. i am waiting for my new boat to come in ! 2-3 weeks to go!! i have been thinking of getting a sub troll unit for it? i only get to lake ontario 2-3 times a year but thought the unit might come in handy for the walleye on lake erie. i don't know any thing about these units or if they would help me in my fishing? i am sure someone here could give me some advice!!! thanks guys vernman
  5. how much should this unit cost?? i could not find any prices.
  6. i am in the process of puchasing a 26 seaswirl boat!!! i want to put a newer fish finder and auto pilot!!! my fish finder on my old boat was a lowrance fish findergps, and i never had auto pilot before, i was hoping to get some advice before i start rigging the boat!! any suggestions would be appreciated! thanks verman
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