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  1. Looking forward to going out of Hughes a couple of times in the coming week if the weather holds out. Any salmon/trout action?? Clambelly.
  2. Fishstix - I was running Pink/Purple Challenger Big Eye Flashers with green/purple twinkies and pink/purple Challenger heads. I've had real good luck with this setup for probably 4 or 5 yrs. I don't get out enough to experiment so I stick with what works for me. Persistence - I do get up to Hughes a few times a year but that was my first time this year. That was my first solo double though. I think the 40lb test line did have something to do with it!
  3. First time out on LO this year. Went 4/4 Sunday morning 7:30 to 11 - kings 17 to 23lbs. Fished 170' to 190' all morning. All fish came 45' to 55' down. Fished 2 poles - boated a double (alone) on cut bait flashers. After a huge tangle switched over to spoons -purple/blue ladderback R&Rs and picked up 2 more. Hope to get out at Hughes a few more times this year!
  4. I see that the recommended leader length for the flasher/fly rig is 18 to 30 inches. What size flasher is used for this setup?? I had been using the 11 in for the cutbait rig but have only used a fly rig a handful of times with an 8 in flasher and about a 25 to 30 in leader. Any advice is appreciated.
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