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  1. So you think it is possible this could be saved?
  2. Hello all, I have two pictures here. One is a shot from the back of my motor and is not that close. That one is just to give you an overall look at the engine. The second on is a close up of the problem. You will see in the close up shot that down in the somewhat half way down the picture you will see a blown out hole. Should be kind of obvious. Admittedly I know nothing about engines in anyway. A friend is telling me it looks like a cylinder area and that MAYBE a spark plug shot out. I am simply looking for any thoughts on what it COULD be. And also if you think you know what it might be, could it possibly be fixed. Again I realize you can't see this in person and I am just looking for thoughts at this point. Thank you all in advance and please send any responses to [email protected]
  3. FINALLY I got my boat out for a little fishing. Went out Sunday from about 9-11. Good news is I pulled in two large mouth bass. I figre the first one was about 12 0unces, the second one a little closer to a pound. For me I am now off the shnide. Felt REAL good to FINALLY pull something in after a few years wrestling with this damn boat. I cannot wait until my next outing now. BTW if anyone would like to join me on my next trip this coming weekend please let me know. I only have a 16' and will be in Iron Bay. But I am looking for a fishing buddy. Ice
  4. Hi all. I am not sure if this is the right place for this or not so forgive me in advance. I am possibly looking for a place to rent a long weekend - Friday thru Sunday. Doesn't matter what it is. I MIGHT bring one friend or it might be myself. Just want to find a place where I can stay and drag my little 16 foot aluminum Starcraft and sit on a pond, a lake or whatever and fish as long as I want to. I would obviously need a launch site. I am somewhat inexperienced with the boat in general but learning as I go which is why I would like to find a place that is simple to use. I am not a partier at all. I just am thinking about getting away from it all for the first time in my life and recapture the love of this good sport. I am not looking to spend a million dollars or anything like that. The simpler the better. Size does not matter either. All I ask is a place to easily park my boat, launch it easy and have a decent place to come back to when I am all done. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. This is certainly nothing definite but a few good offers will probably change my mind quickly. Thank you in advance and certainly if there are any questions please feel free to ask Iceman
  5. Hi All, I have an old Evinrude 35 HP engine. Maybe from the 60's. I just replaced the throttle cable on it as the old one was really stretched out. We tried it last night and after a few small adjustments the boat started hauling pretty good. We had it around 20-22mph, where it should be. Then it eventually settled down to no mare than 15 mph. Everything sounded real good and we tried adjusting again but nothing happened. Anyone have any thoughts on what COULD have been happening. I know it's a somewhat vague description but any thoughts would be helpful. Thank you in advance. Iceman
  6. Ok guys. I have heard you all loud and clear. I shall take your advice. Sounds like good advice at that. Thanks to all who replied. Ice
  7. Thanks Ray. But being blatantly honest I have never changed a spark plug in my life. I don't even know where they are. I know - pathetic. Still looking for someone who would like to make some extra cash to help out though.
  8. Ok. I recently posted for some help with my motor. I did receive some interesting responses and ideas. I think it came down to people telling me to take it to a boat repair shop. However right now I would like to avoid this if I can. What I am asking for is if any of you out there would be willing to come to my house in Seabreeze and take a look at this motor for me and, if anything, tell me your thoughts as to what may need to be done to make it work better. I will GLADLY pay you for your time. If by chance it does need some repairs and you can do it, again, I will gladly pay you. As much as I would like to take it to a repair shop I know I would be without my boat for at least a few weeks probably. I would rather pay someone to come to me and see if they can maybe fix it faster. That's just me. Nothing against anyone out there in the repair world. For motor info here is all I know. I am NOT a mechanic or boat person in any way. 1960 something Starcraft aluminum boat with a 35HP Evinrude motor. I do not know the year but it looks pretty old, possibly late 60's or 70's. Here is what I am having issues with. I filled a gabage can with water to let the motor run before I take it out this year. It starts nicely. However when I push the throttle handle forward I found I was not getting much more speed out of the motor by sound alone. It did rev up a little but not too much. Last year we had it on the water once and it ran between 20-23mph according to fish finder. I would like to get back to that speed if possible. A friend suggested maybe the throttle cable was frozen. I wouldn't know if I had to. That is all I know for now. Again, if anyone would like to take a swing at this I will make it worth your while even if you cannot actually do the repair. Feel free to contact me at [email protected] Thank you in advance Ice
  9. Ok first off I am going to post this in several different forums so please accept my apologies upfront as I am not sure which forum is best to post this. Ok. Here is what I am looking for. I am trying to get my boat on the water. I have had this 4 years now with almost no luck. Always engine problems. I have even changed engines once. All I have is a 16' Starcraft aluminum with a 35hp Evinrude outboard engine. Her eis my two problems I need help with. I have had 2 friends with different motor knowledge give me different opinions on this and now I would like a third. First problem - When moving the speed throttle forward I now get very little additional speed above idle. Last year we had the boat going 20-23 mph. I have not had it in the water yet this year but I do fill a garbage can with water. One guy tells me to look at the throttle cable going from the control box, which is an Evinrude Simplex, to the engine. He says it might be frozen or stretched or whatever. I am not a mechanic by any means. I would like someone to come to my house in Irondequoit right next to Seabreeze and tell me if this is true or not. I think it is a very simple replacement if that is the problem. I just need someone to tell me my options. I will leave the second problem for later. We think the motor may be running on one cylinder but we need to know what this cable issue is first before we diagnose that problem. Last year this motor ran well the 2 times we took it on the bay. This is the last problem I have with this boat after all this time and I want to find out for sure what is going on. If by chance I need another new motor then I will deal with that when I have to. All other boat issues are now taken care of except for this. Is there anyone out there that would be willing to help me make this decisive decision. Please respond to [email protected] with any thoughts. Thank you all in advance. Iceman
  10. Hello all, I am about to embark on my first boat. It is a 16' Starcraft aluminum with a 35hp engine. I know nothing about boats and a little about fishing. Here are my questions. I will predominantly stay in the bay. I MAY venture out onto the lake if it is very calm but most of my time will be in the bay. I am not a particular fisherman as far as what I go after. I just want to catch some fishies and have a bit of a fight if possible. I do not wish to catch perch or anything small like that. Bass, pike, cat whatever from there. I will mainly be using a 6 1/2' Ugly stick off the boat. What types of lures/bait should I be prepared with and where might I try them. I will say up front that I am not trying to infringe on anyones "honey spots". I just simply want to learn. I have fished from shore and piers for a few years but mostly just for fun. Also eventually I will be puting one electric downrigger on my boat. Any help there would also be appreciated. I am also going to be looking for a fishing partner. Here is my deal. Help me launch my boat and get it back out of the water and everything else is free. I suck at backing in and out of a launch. I look forward to everyone's thoughts. Ice
  11. Hi boys, I am a newbie to this whole boating thing. I have been a shore fisherman until last year when I bought a 16 foot aluminum boat, 35HP. So please forgive me. Here is my story. I have not had a chance to put the boat into the water much at all. Last year I was getting things fixed on it and this year I could not get it out at all as I was pretty sick for about 3 months this summer. Well, everything is good now. But. Being a novice at all this I need some help. What I need help with is getting this thing in and out of a boat launch to start with. I have tried only 2-3 times and failed miserably. Actually getting it in wasn't too bad but I still need some help. Getting it out was a nightmare backing the trailer in. From there I always has a knowledgeable friend who was willing to help me but he has since lost interest in fishing in general for personal reasons. Here is what I am looking for overall. I am looking for someone to help/teach me how to do this boat thing in general. This would include teaching me to get it in and out by myself eventually, teaching me a bit how the boat works overall, etc. I am not a good engine person in any way, shape or form. There is pretty much nothing to this boat either. Just turn it on and go. Steering is not a problem but docking it in and out is right now. I would also like some help learning where to go and what to use. I am not picky about what I catch but I got the boat to get bigger fish than I would from a shore. Bass, pike, whatever. In return you would get free boat fishing and hopefully a new good friend. I am pretty laid back with no attitude problem at all. I understand it is late in the season but this offer would be good for as long as you choose. Hopefully for years to come. I am located in Irondequoit about 1/8 of a mile from the Irondequoit Bay launch. The Mayers launch is on the other side of the bridge from me. I am 44 years old, Also I am not limited to just Irondequoit Bay. If there are other places to drop a boat within reasonable driving distance I am open. My time for the next 2 weeks is somewhat limited at nights. Weekends I would have to work around a few things but that's why we talk. I do not have any down riggers nor would I like to test this boat on the lake just yet. Let me get used to the boat in general first. I will never charge you anything for any help given. All I wanna do is learn how to fish and have fun on this little boat of mine and hopefully meet some of you good people. That's it. That's my offer and I am stickin with it. Obviously you will have questions. I will too. Feel free to email me at [email protected] Ice
  12. Hello all, I MIGHT be interested in a slip this year. Nothing too fancy needed at all. All I have is a 16' aluminum. I am curious to see if any knows general prices of some of the local marinas. I live in Irondequoit pretty much right on the Irondequoit launch. Thank you all in advance. Ice
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