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  1. Hello everyone, I am leaving tonight to go to Lake Ontario (Sodus Bay) First time using Dipsy divers and i see alot of people put alot of different info :shock: . So i need some help. :?: After the Dipsy i attach my snubber how much line before i put the spin doctor(WHAT POUND LINE SHOULD I USE) then how much line before the fly . Using Depthmaster reel and want to spool on 1000 feet of braided steel cable is that correct. I will have to get line up there is there a place Thank you for all the help.. Dale
  2. Nick, Thanks for all the links i will look tonight and buy some of the items you have sent me. I will be getting my friends to kick in some money and buy all of the equipment that you sent me. I know this does not guarenty me fish but atleast i have more knowledge and arsenal to go with it. Dale
  3. Nick, Could you make any suggestions on where to buy them who has a good price for the buck, and is there sizes that i should look at ? Could you send me a link telling me where and which ones work for you . I know you had explain it but i rather try something i know people are using that works. Dale
  4. Bob, Thank you for the info i will give you a shout when we get up there and see what i can learn this year. thank you again . was going to buy some setups from Atom-mik speckled green and other colors that people are saying. Is it worth the money? I have never used dipseys before are they easy to use and are they better then downriggers. what is the advantage or disadvantage. Thanks
  5. Thank you for the info, I guess i will be going to ATOMIC Flies and give them a try. What is with the copper wire how does that help with fishing and the flies. Dale
  6. Hello all, Me and some friends of mine are comming up to the big lake in August on the 25th till the 29th. Have fished before but never herd of copper wire do we have to have it to fish on our boat or can we still use regular fishing line. Penn 320GTI reels . Down riggers & Planning Boards. are dipsys better then riggers :?: are E-Chips that good :shock: been going for about 10 years so we have a ton of spoons and jointed plugs and straights. Thanks for any help. Dale
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