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  1. Not only am I new to the LOU board, but bulletin boards in general - so, if I'm not doing something right, let me know!! My user name = Ahto - Ahto is a Norweigan god of the deep -Giver of Fish. I run a 1985 223 Starcraft OffShore out of Shumway, when I can. I fished this boat when a friend owned it & bought it in 2002 when he started working on an old car. Usually only get out on week-ends and vacation. I've learned alot between this board and when I can out, but still have much to learn - eg - winding wire for dypsies - got any tips? I fish the Oregon coast every fall and sometimes spring, as I used to live out West - so salmon & steelies are no strangers, but, it's done a little different out here. This gives a chance to try and experiment a little. Anyway, thanks for all the reports over the last few years.
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