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  1. Hi, great site. I go on here by slider, don't know why I picked that. I moved to New York 7 years ago after a career in the Army. I am originally from northern Indiana, but my wife grew up in the Ithaca area. Sold my bike to get a boat because I can only afford one toy and unless there is lightning I will fish. I'm sure the wife wishes I would have kept the bike with what I spend on fishing. The first boat wasn't big enough (is any boat big enough) so bought a new Starcraft Fishmaster 196 2 years ago. Got 2 Mag 10's and a cannon SNT this year, so loking forward to not having to crank up the weights. Don't really know what I'm doing yet but have learned alot on this site. Fish Cayuga most every sunday, been up to the big pond once and hope to get up several times this year.
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