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  1. Good day fellow fishermen (and women), I was wondering if the easter long weekend is a good time to head down for spring salmon and lake trout fishing on the main lake at the exit of the niagara river? We are from Montreal and are at our first attempt at this magnificent fishing. Before travelling the distance we just want to make sure we are hitting a good time. Any suggestions for hotels around the Weller Port area or Port Dalhousie area? Any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated. Lucky1
  2. I really appreciate all your feedback guys.
  3. Appreciate all the feedback from you all. I can't wait to get out there and catch my first salmon.......
  4. Thank very much muskybob for your feedback. Lucky1
  5. Using fireline or same type of fishing line mandatory to fish with dipsy's? Is 30lbs test strong enough to take the hit? Lucky1
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