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  1. TTT I can deliver/bring to Buffalo area as I will be attending the Greater Niagara Fishing & Outdoor Expo/LOTSA Show on Saturday January 21st, 2017 Cheers,
  2. Selling this brand new in box Raymarine A series 9" touch multifunction sonar/gps with CHIRP DownVision sonar with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi also comes with Navionics+ North America Bundle. Product code E70234-NAG. Reason for selling is I won it as one of the draw prizes at the GOSD (Great Ontario Salmon Derby) Fish Off. Here's what the Navionics+ North American Bundle give you with regards to mapping - Navionics+ North American Bundle: US 1XG including Hawaii and Alaska, Bahamas Canadian 2XG coast All the Great Lakes details, plus 18,000 US Inland Lakes (approx. 2,500 lakes containing 1ft contour) as well as all Canadian lakes found on the HotMaps Canada product Here's the link to all the details of the unit which you will note currently sells for $1600 USD,,,,asking $1200 USD OBO http://www.defender.com/product3.jsp?path=-1|344|2028688|2028737&id=3115942 I can deliver/bring to Buffalo area as I will be attending the Greater Niagara Fishing & Outdoor Expo/LOTSA Show on Saturday January 21st, 2017. If interested message me or can text me at 416, 570 8630 Cheers,
  3. No worries, I know we're all trying to get a handle and make heads or tails with what's happening and looking for answers along with any & all info we can get. I assisted 2 days with the collection both during the 2nd week last year and only 1 day this year on the last day (this past Friday). That is what a few of the OMNR staff told us when we asked how the collection was going this year with regards to numbers & size when compared to last year as we were telling them about the dismal season we had out in the lake, they were surprised at what we told them based on what they were seeing the past 2 weeks in the river collecting. For what it's worth, there was also significantly less Coho in the river this year during collection when compared to last, they were everywhere last year it was great to see, whereas Friday we maybe came across a dozen. As an fyi, Andy Todd, Lake Ontario FMZ 20 Manager, is coming to speak at our Straitline Angler meeting in November which is held the 1st Tuesday of the month in Grimsby, all are welcome to come. Cheers, G
  4. I assisted the OMNR with the chinook egg collection in the Credit River this past Friday (also last day of collection) it was a great collection. The average size of fish were up over last years collection with many around and over 30# We did 71 families on Friday for something like just over 300K eggs if memory serves me correct. From what I understood we collected an additional 500K to "eye" which will be handed over to NYDEC. There were no shortage of salmon in the river. Cheers, G
  5. The more research I do regarding a new sonar/gps unit the more I start to read and think I should really consider the Humminbird side imaging units. Most of my fishing is trolling and it would be really good to know what is out 200+' to either side and what's below - no? More information is better? Anyone from here have one or seen in action? What are the Humminbird charts like compared to the charts I would buy for Lowrance detail wise? Why aren't more trollers using the side imaging technology on the great lakes, is it due to cost and the fact it's still relatively new? What has anyone heard good or bad? On another site I read the Humminbird units are notorious for condensation and reliability - is this why? I've often heard thru the "boards" Humminbird can't track squat and that is one of my concerns - rigger tracking. I must admit however, my buddy purchased a Humminbird last season and it tracked his riggers flawlessly. I know Pat Kirby of Tall Tales has one and swears by it and we always end up talking about it. He shows some pretty cool pictures when I'm there. Some real cool yet helpful info appears. I've spent some good time reading this Humminbird link - http://www.humminbird.com/leading_innov ... sonar.aspx And found some helpful info here - http://muskie.outdoorsfirst.com/board/f ... =1#M292149 Cheers Gman
  6. Would you mind sharing the trick as I just picked up a Depth Raider and have Scotty 1116's. I had to send the antenna that came with it back as it was too small. Waiting for the new larger antenna. Does the antenna fit your auto-stop beads? Thanks, Gman
  7. by any chance do you have a pic or two you can post? Cheers, G.
  8. I've upgraded to Scotty Pro Pak 1116's during the off season and will be mounting them to the Berts swivel riser base. I will not be needing to use the Scotty swivel base nor do I want too as it will raise the set-up much high than I would like it. Anyone out there done this or know what can be done to mount the Scotty rod holder base with the riggers on the the Berts swivel riser base, as the holes don't line up nor is there enough. I think I have a solution and that is to have a friend machine an adapter plate/spacer. Thoughts? Cheers, Gman
  9. Hey guys,,,just finally took the time to sign back up since moving to the new board! Looks great in here - good job! Some may recognize me from a few other boards around. I'm in Toronto and can't wait to get out back on the water in the next few weeks Like many others I've got lots of new equipment I'm anxious to use! Been fishing Lake O. for several years and got the bug REAL bad wihtin' the past 2 years. Came down to the Niagara Pro-Am last year as an observer and also participated as an observer in the Tightlines shoot out and spent the day onboard with a great bunch of dudes - Roy Fletcher and Crew, that was a blast boys I'd go out with y'all any day! Might even take in a tourney or so in this year but this time as a competitor Cheers, Gman
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