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  1. I was born in Minnesota and moved to Oregon when I was about 8 years old. I remember Gramp's always scaled the fish in Minnesota. I can still picture the galvanized scaler he kept in the fishin shed. Its fun to reminisce about the good ole' days. Well back to the subject of the here and now. Halibut I will always leave skin on whether cooking or smoking. When I fillet a King Salmon or a Silver the skin gets scaled if it's going to hit the oven. When it comes to smokin fish I have a few brine recipes that work great for me and the scales don't pose a problem. I hope to catch a Walleye this year out of the Columbia and I will post on how that goes.
  2. Greetings and salutations to one and all. I hail from the Left Coast err, some call it the West Coast. I hope to learn more about the methods used for trolling in your waters. I primarily use cut bait, whole bait, spinners, spoons, plugs or other offerings that produce their own action. I hope to travel east someday and fish the waters named The Great Lakes. I have fished up and down the western US from California to Alaska. The latest development with the KoneZone is the Daisy Chain for down riggers. I hope you all have a great season this year. Thanks, Mike Hyneman / www.KoneZone.com / 503-348-9442
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