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  1. Hey guys, thanks for the tips! I am planning a trip to the lake placid area in may and would really love to catch a brown or laker as I have never caught either. I just bought the new yak, and I think I have outfitted it quite well. I bought 2 scotty rod holders and a 3lb anchor. As well and a Fish finder, cart, lifevest, spray skirt, paddle, ect... and plenty more tackle to try and take a stab at this. I have been looking into "dive reels" as my anchor line reel, but now with Dance the Tides's idea, I may buy one or two extras to create the down rigger options. If I were to run this option of a down rigger, what sized weights would you use? I am not fimilar with DR's but, I beleive that the concept is just a large weight dropped to a pre-determined depth(altered with observations on the fish finder) and then a lineclip fixed to the weight with my line with just a spoon or other lure pinched in the clip. Is this right? I am not understanding the rubberband part? The yak is deffinately not staying a lite weight setup!! It seems like the way to go would be to buy one more rod holder this way I can run 1 to each side and one center top water? Dance the Tides - You have run flies without flashers before? I was think about taking large size spoons and removing the hooks and creating a mini dodger/flasher effect with a fly 12-18 inches behind. Any thoughts? I am thinking resistance of these 8"-11" flashers on my light weight setups!! I beleive that I am going to run 8-10lb mono. Any objections?? God I can't weight for this trip!!!! Dance the Tides - Where abouts you from? I grew up not far from cobleskill area! Sorry guys if this seems elementary to you! I have been trying to read as much as I can on the topic of trolling but the lingo has been killing me on these forums. And all the people at bass pro here in baltimore, just look at me weird when I ask them if they have dodgers/Flashers or Trolls. They just tell me that I "need to go north to find that stuff." Thanks again for the tips! will be open to more comments if ya wanna leave 'em! Brian
  2. Ok I have a few questions!! Sport fishing is seem to become my main interest lately. I have recently bought a new kayak and are focusing on trout fishing in the adirondacks this may. I know that this is a LO site but I think that from what I have seen, you guys are the ones to learn from!! OK so here goes! I have a kayak, with a fish finder (cuda 242 portable), and 2 scotty rod holders, and a tackle box full of lures! I just bought, what feels like the entire line, several Rapalas ranges from #5-#9 in mainly trout colors, i.e. brook, brown , and rainbow. I am alos interested in trolling spoons and flies but do not know how to really rig each of these setups. Can anyone break these options down for me? Can I troll flies with flashers w/out down riggers? I know I need to have slow speeds.. Now I am looking for #test, and a good way to catch a few browns and lakers in the adirondack small lakes. How would you try this? I know that every place is different but thought that you guys might be able to help. Thanks in advance!! I have been reading a lot of pmjasper's questions about his trip in may to sodus bay. I am new to trout fishing!!! I have learned quickly that a trout fisherman is much more educated than the typical basser!
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