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  1. Whoa......... Nice rig. This wouldn't happen to come with the entire WHAM cassette collection would it.
  2. Continuing with the preventative maintenance schedule the strut (cutlass) Bearings were replaced last week, she will have a fresh coat of Mequires Flagship Wax this weekend. *See initial post for updates* She is scheduled for launch the week of April 16th and will be available for viewing by appointment. Realistic offers will be considered.
  3. Props have been tuned and will be installed in the next week or two!
  4. Hey Bruce...... Congrats on the new house, that can throw a wrench into different plans but is always exciting! Not sure what I am going to do, might peace out or might go to something different. I have plenty of friends with boats to run trips on if I wish, we know those are the best friends to have. Going to take my time once she sells and work on lowering my golf score, plant more food plots and if I see something that intrigues me I may pull the trigger. Thanks for the promo on the boat, she will make someone very happy! Stay in-touch!
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