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  1. Fished out of IBay this am. Left the dock at 5:30 Set up in 120. 3 rigger, 2 wire spread. Dropped probe down 85. 70 degrees. Dropped it to 95. Still about 70 degrees. Headed north, figured we'd hit temperature sooner or later. Hit 200 feet, still 69 - 70 degrees. Figured something is wrong with probe. Speed seemed to work fine. Started dropping probe rigger, finally got to decent temperature (55 degrees) at about140 feet. Worked out to 325, 1 skipper and 1 small laker (lost). Fished 140 - 160 feet down, 2 of 3 riggers. Dipsey's out between 250 and 400 on a 3 setting. Turned around at 325, worked back into 100 feet. From 200 to 100 set riggers between 85 - 110. Temp was consistently 69-70 down in that area. Nothing. Threw everything we had at them. SSW's and King of Sting, all the usual spoons that have produced all year long. Bloody Death, SSW, Green Nuclear, White, and Gator (paddles), nothing produced. Ran speed anywhere between 2.0 and 3.0, turned like crazy. Nothing. Worked back out to 225. Nothing. Nice morning to be on the water, and better than working. Back at it tomorrow. Tom
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