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  1. Went out in the morning on Monday, August 9th.  Stayed mostly in 100-180 fow.  Caught 18 lb King in 108fow on a ball down 90 using a moonshine lure. There were some suspended marks and some bait. Went out to 180 and the screen dried up so we headed back towards shore. In 160fow we doubled up.  Got a nice steelhead on a chicken leg cheater and then another teenage King on a meat rig.  Lake turned to glass so we headed off the water around 10:30. The week before we did the same routine and were skunked.  That's fishing! 

  2. I was out from Sandy this morning too...Took a nice teenage King on a rainbow spoon off a cheater in 170FOW on a ball that was down 100.  Trolled out to 250 with a blank screen.  Turned around and headed in.  Had a rip on the dipsie, but no hook up in 180FOW.  In 170 FOW doubled up on steelies.  One on the leadcore out all ten colors on a wonderbread plug and the other came off the cheater that took the salmon earlier in the day.  Put some Gambler rigs on in 110FOW and doubled right up on two nice lakers...Called it a day around 11:45.

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  3. Finally, got out on Lake Ontario this morning....Fished between 85 and 115 fow between 7 and 11am.  Scattered marks around 80 down.  Finally hooked up on white spin doctor and dolphin fly.  16.5 King.  Also hooked up on the same set up, 21.5 lb King.  Had a couple of other knock offs, but no one home....Then had another King on off a lemon crush NK at 80 down on the ball...Lost him in the lead core set up....Was a beautiful morning.



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  4. Had a chance to troll Monday morning and took a friend out for the first time....Set up in 175FOW and headed north at around 7:15AM. Had riggers at 65 and 80 with free sliding cheaters. Took a steelhead in around 210FOW on the 80 rigger loaded with a proking lure. Not many marks and no bait around, but still kicked around out there. Picked up another Steelhead off the dipsey set at 180, loaded with a 42nd spinny and green-black fly in 190FOW. There were some large marks, but were very deep 100-120FOW. Finally moved in and found some better screens in the 175FOW range. Caught a nice brown on a free slider armed with a firecracker over 180FOW. Not a lot of action, but boy was it nice to get out there again....

    Bucka Pinespost-139996-0-52023900-1436889746_thumb.jpgpost-139996-0-89437900-1436889793_thumb.jpgpost-139996-0-66298800-1436889839_thumb.jpg

  5. Well, I finally was able to get out again on the Big Pond.... Heard some reports and went to deeper water, 150-250 FOW....Kicked around there all morning....Very few marks. Had two hook-ups on the dipseys with flies and lost both....Finally, decided to troll in and whadya know...In about 80 FOW the dipsey fires and there is drag screaming...After a nice 20 minute fight...We landed a nice 17 pound King...Who'd have thunk? 80FOW around 11:30AM.... Needless to say, the friend I took fishing had a great time...There was much more activity in the 80FOW range...Should have started in the skinny...anyway, that's fishing....




  6. Got a chance to go fishing with my neighbor this morning.  Fished the 80FOW territory.  Marked occasional bait pods and hooks.  Finally got a nice 28# King on the 60 rigger on a spook NK...Great couple runs by this toughy, but we did end up landed him....Reloaded and about 20 minutes later did another King that was just as stubborn.  Weighed 20#.  Continued to mark the occasional hook, but called it a day around 11:30AM.  Got a bit choppy out there, but not bad.....post-139996-0-93156200-1409951826_thumb.jpg



  7. Sandy Creek in Hamlin

    Yeah, Sandy Creek in Hamlin.... Brian."Gambler" Gambell....Thanks for all your help in locating fish....Would have went deeper, but my neighbor was happy where we were....Can't wait to get back on the Lake...Still trying to catch something on the lead core... The one dipsey with the yellow NBK fired with a screamer yesterday too...It looked like a big steelie cause I could see it jumping behind the boat....  Hook'em>>>>>>Picker Pines

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