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  1. when you start getting everything ready. I know the weather here and don't want to get over zelous and un wrap the boat to early.
  2. she lives on a trailer in the driveway.....
  3. I am new to fishing. I am itching to get out and try for some browns. I am a bit leary about taking the boat (95 trophy I/O) and having more winter weather show up after. I had the boat winterized, but what do I do (as far as the engine is concerned) if you go out this early and it shows/freezes again? I can handle getting water out of the bilges, etc, just not sure about the engine..... Dan
  4. Hey all you charter captains, who do you use for your charter boat insurance. I am in the early stages of considering running my boat for SCUBA charters. What do they soak you for a season? Dan
  5. I have no downriggers, yet. How can i fish in the fall? I do have boards
  6. I am new, and only have planer boards (for now) As the fish move in for the fall spawn, do boards come back into play like spring? I would guess it has lots to do with water temps? Dan
  7. Not sure where this should go... but has anyone used Sea Tech marine training school to get thier Captain's License. I am considering them in the fall of spring. Any comments good or bad will help. Thanks. dan
  8. I am brand new to this, and was looking at rods at Gander Mountain today. Planer rods, downrigger rods, dipsey rods.... Is there one style that will be ok for both boards and riggers for a beginner? I can't afford 50 different rods.... Dan
  9. What does everybody think about the sinking of a wreck as an artifical reef for SCUBA diving in the lake? This would take a lot of work with permits etc, but the structure would attract fish, and the dive season here is pretty short. Do you think there would be conflicts? I've heard some unconfirmed reports there is some diver/fishermen conflict out by Pultnyville near the wreck out there, but, thats unconfirmed. This is just an idea of some local divers at this time, and they know it would take a HUGE effort to make anything happen. Your thoughts are important to us.
  10. Its a trophy 2352 IO. Its the 5.7l v-8 if that helps.
  11. On my last few cruises every so often the tach would suddenly shoot to up to 5000-6000 rpm, then back to where it was. The engine itself did not seem to race or change..... I'm guessing an electronic's problem?? any guesses? I'm open to suggestions. Dan
  12. on my last few trips out, I've had a couple of times when the Tach would race up to 5000-6000 rpm, but the motor didn't change.... I'm guessing its a sending unit/electronics issue but open to suggestions. Any ideas?
  13. The is a large boat wrecking rock near Russel station called turtle rock. Does anyone have GPS coordinate for it? Dan
  14. Ok, I don't feel quite so bad now... Was making a turn, wind pushed me a bit faster than i wanted and ended up wrapping the planer line in the prop, messed around with it for a while to no avail and ended up having to go for a very COLD swim. In the end other than losing one lure and some planer line, no harm done. On the other hand I learned my boat does well in 3 footers.... My dive buddy and I always say a bad day diving is still good experience, I guess the same applies. Dan
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