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  1. These were Brown's. I was talking to my fishing partner on the phone while I was writing and we were talking about lakers. Good catch though. Don't have pics but we did hook into a nice walley also on a blue and silver NK. I did take a pic of that with the cell phone. Too bad he hit to early. Thought that we caught some floating debree cause there was no fight to um. How do you post Pics.[/img]
  2. Trolled around the east side of the wall saterday evening. Had some luck on the Deep JR Thundersticks. Caught 4 lakers from 3 to 6 pounds in about 10 to 20FOW. Temps still to cold. Was out there for about hour and half flat lineing. Wave were a little to big for the planner boards. Anybody else have any luck.[/b]
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