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  1. Thanks for the info. Anyone with more pleae feel free as my calls to the NYS DEC have gone to voicemail. I hate voicemail!
  2. I am wondering if anyone can give me a little bit of info RE: the NYS Guide Licensing Program. I am in the midst of taking my USCG 6 pack exam. I believe I would be legal to guide on the big lake, St Lawrence, Seneca, Cayuga, etc. I have read online re the application form, physical, exam. There is very little to zero info on what topics, how difficult, etc. . Do I need the NYS Licences to guide on say Oneida Lake? How long/difficult is the test (I see there is one in 2 weeks). Also can anyone fill me in on where to get proper insurance to carry paying customers on very limited basis????? Thanks in advance!!!
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