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  1. i was considering heading to cayuga lake state park and camping there for the red cross just wondering if the fishing was any good out of there any information would be huge thanks
  2. no thats not the ausable..i wish i had the chance to fish the ausable but theese browns were caught in a small stream that flows out of lake luzirne in the south east part of the park near glens falls.....during the day they open the dam up and use the stream for white water rafting and at night it comes alive with great fishing
  3. just a few pix from my recent trip to the adirondaks
  4. here are the pix i just uploaded them to my laptop
  5. headed to conesus this morning to see what was biting...went prepared for pike...bass...and panfish...the say started slow only picking up one small bass...then around 1030 the pike came alive...got 2 fish in the 30 inch range to the boat before switching back to bass fishing...thats when the day got interesting ended up catching 5 fish between 4-5lbs between 11am-1pm.......
  6. looking for any onformation about the wednsday night bass league that is on conesus lake (who to contact..or if it even still exists) any information would be greatly appreciated
  7. well ive only fished at the just north of the dam in mt morris and never really caught anything there...but if you head south of letchworth between portageville and belmont u can catch a bunch of smallmouth and from belmont south into wellsville and down to the state line its a hot spot for brown and rainbow trout.
  8. another option that i would consider in your shoes would be to avoid the hectic mess that is naples and head over the hill to spring water and fish the hemlock lake trubuitary....and if time permits walking up the shore line of hemlock lake and casting from shore using rapalas is always amazing
  9. ok heres my dilema for this summers red cross tournement. i have never fished cayuga or further more really been near the lake so therefore i know nothing about it..my first question is what is the best campground/boat launch combo on the lake that puts me into the good fishing the quickest? my next question would be what is the best llaunch for someone that is coming from the south west of the lake..Ie bath area. any and all help would be amazing thanks a ton
  10. he caught that one on a tip up using the smelt that he caught right there at the lake b4 daylight...the other 2 lakers were caught on a buckshot spoon tipped with a smelt tail
  11. a friend of mine caught this one last week on a trip to canadice it measured out at 37 inches also caught 2 smaller lakers......
  12. hey is anyone out there fishing keuka lately...im heading there tomarrow to fish for a wile and was wondering what was hitting at the lake and where...was prolly gana head to the bluff and start there and work back to the state park
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