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  1. I was out on Oneida last weekend (south shore) and the fishing was pretty slow. Landed one nice eye and a couple smalleys but nothing to brag about and believe me I've been waiting to brag. There is a nice shoal called Messanger Shoal a mile or two west of Sylvan and my buddy has continued to do pretty well in this area since the start of the year. He's been using black senkos and tubes for bass and either drifting or trolling worm harnesses for the eyes. Good luck and let us know how you make out.
  2. Well I got lost going to springwater where I was camping (never trust a woman's directions). Got drunk to dull the pain but didn't get to the lake until 9am the following morning and caught a few bass. I was going to go back that evening but it rained so I figured I'd go the following morning. But it rained again and I had to go. So basically I have nothing to report. I suck.
  3. Thanks bosco. I will try it and let you know how I make out. And thank your brother for me.
  4. What do the eyes mainly go take at Honeoye? Jigs, stickbaits, live bait? Is any part of the lake better than the rest? Thanks
  5. Anybody have advise for a newbie to these lakes. Would like to catch a few walleyes with my father over the weekend. Any information would be much appreciated.
  6. I'm taking my father to Honeoye and Hemlock Lakes over the weekend and would appreciate any advise on locating and catching walleyes on these lakes as we have never fished them. Not to mention we are not the best or most knowledgable walleye fisherman but we sure do love to eat them. Any advise would be extremely appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Hi my name is Walt and I grew up in Central NY mostly stream fishing for trout but over the last few years I have really been interested in walleyes. I mostly fish Oneida Lake in my 14 aluminum with a 10 hp. Not to good at finding and/or catching them but that's why I'm here. Cheers
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