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  1. Mr Troller, thanks for the advice. I've gotten in one day of fishing so far. You were correct. Fishing is TOUGH! I've never seen water so clear. I watching the carp swim around on the bottom in 20+ feet....gin clear. I've seen a ton of perch and carp, but only a few largemouths from a distance. I also see a ton of abandoned spawning beds....but no smallies. I'm throwing a spinnerbait a bunch...I guess it's just a matter of time before one eats it. I'm also throwing a white tube...no takers yet. Tomorrow's another day!!!
  2. anyone have any tips for catching smallies around Sheldrake Point in Ovid, NY? What lures should I pack? Any help is appreciated. Thanks. Dave
  3. Hi all, I am new to this board. I live in Maryland, but I will be visiting family that lives in Ovid, NY on Lake Cayuga for several days beginning July 4th. I usually fish shallow rivers for smallmouth from my kayak. I'd like to catch some Cayuga smallies or largemouth. I will be staying around Sheldrake Point. I use artifical lures exclusively for the sport of it. Anyone have advice on lures, depth to fish, etc.? Tubes, grubs, spinnerbaits? Thanks!
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