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  1. Hey guys i'm from northeast pennsylvania just over the state line in great bend i was hoping to get some info on some good bass fishing lakes/ponds in new york. we already fish otisco and cazenovia for bass and i was hoping to find some other lakes/ponds.. we have a 17ft bass boat so i'd need a descent launch.. otisco and cassy and around a 1hr/10 minute ride and cazzy is about 2 hours so thats the distance i'd be looking to go.. anywhere around the binghamton area?? or even out 17 west..??? help.. thank you :?: :?:
  2. guys, i'm looking for a 50 horse merc. set up with steering..i have a crestliner 14ft boat and a 25 horse on there now i can't believe how underpowered it is looking for a 50 any help would be greatly appreciated.. thanks... :?:
  3. big lou... my name is ron im from northeast pa.. i fish seneca and cayuga alot id love to get up the big pond more...i fish now with my 2 sons (10 and we bass fish new york alot and im in the process of getting a 19 to 22 foot boat so i might be able to get out more...i can fish sundays im off from work on tuesdays so id have to drive up monday nights if you could fish tuesdays,,,
  4. im looking for anyone in need of a fishing partner for doing battle on the finger lakes..im from pa and i love to troll seneca and cayuga..i dont have a large enough boat to go on those lakes ..i get up to cayuga and seneca a few times a year but im interested in fishing them more..we've caught a few lakers but never really hit the big numbers of fish we usually get 3 to 4 a trip if anyone is looking for a fishing partner id love to get on the lake more..basically i love to troll but i dont have the "vessel" to do it frequently enough..please get back to me im free on tuesdays and saturdays and sundays..
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