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  1. 5- Luhr Jensen Dipsey Divers Size-1 and Snubbers 2 Daiwa 47LC Reels spooled for dipsey rod - with 7 strand wire backed with 50lb Power Pro braid Gear Ratio 4.2:1 Mono Capacity (lbs./yds.) 14/480 20/280 25/230 Braid Capacity (lbs./yds.) 40/480 50/380 $120 includes shipping
  2. Hello, Looking for contact information for Bikini Bottom. I would like to purchase 2 15lb shark cannonballs. Much appreciated.
  3. Hi All, Anyone know of a tackle shop in the Pulaski Area that stocks Familiar Bite and the bait heads? Thanks
  4. Hi All, I'm ready for a trip to the big lake and have read that cutbait is not available. Bummer, hate to lose a proven presentation. What can I try in it's place behind the big flashers? A spoon? Plastic Squid? I saw some imitation bait strips in Cableas. Just wondering what has been working besides the fly, spoon and plug programs. Hope there is movement on the bait regs and it's available again over the counter. Thanks in advance.
  5. I agree with checking tension on dipsey, releases and drags. I will also suggest giving tandem hooks a try. Check out the A-Tom-Mik site. I'm using tandem hooks on all the flys I tie. More hook ups less dropped fish. Something to consider
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