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  1. With my 70hp my boat will top out at 30mph and now i put the throttle down and it goes 9mph wide open. I can get it to 2.8 to 3.5 mph trolling speed and it runs a little rough while trolling and if i go any slower it will stall and while trolling i have to hit the choke every 15min or it will stall or as it feels like its gonna stall i throttle up a hair. Any thoughts on whats going on? Just changed the plugs and run non ethanol gas.

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  2. Got caught in that wicked t-storm on seneca saturday! The worst i've ever been in. It went from calm to blowing 60 mph in a matter of minutes. The waves were 6-7 feet. Scary stuff. The fishing was awsome all weekend though. Wasn't sure we could get back in. It was a tough ride. Just be careful out there!

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