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  1. Fishing Report

    Your Name / Boat Name: Baccala




    Date(s): 21Sep11

    Time on Water: 0800 - 1300

    Weather/Temp: 70ish

    Wind Speed/Direction: 10ish

    Waves: 1ish

    Surface Temp: 64

    Location: Sodus Bay Area

    LAT/LONG (GPS Cords):




    Total Hits: 0

    Total Boated: 0

    Species Breakdown:

    Hot Lure:

    Trolling Speed: 2ish

    Down Speed: 1.8 to 2.4

    Boat Depth: 50 to 170

    Lure Depth: 40 to 60

    Fished 48-54 degree lure temps. Tried NK and Michigan spoons. Spoon colors tried were greens, blacks, watermellon, wonderbread, black widows. Also tried green flies and green/red flies. A couple of wire rods running dipsies with e-chip flashers 150 t0 220 feet out. Ran spoons without flashers off the balls, cheaters, florocarbon leaders on everything. It is just dead out there!




  2. Buy a probe is definately a big help. You want to keep your lure speed somewhere between 1.8 and 2.5 mph. My experience is that for Kings you want to be in 40 - 50 degree water. Use your chart recorder and look for fish marks and bait balls. Fish can be in depths near bait ball depth. Use spin doctors, e-chip flashers, spoons, twinkies with cut bait, and flies. Use copper, lead core, wire, dipseys, etc, etc, etc. All these things work and I use them all. Practice, practice, practice. The big thing is to get out there and see what works. Some times the planers hit, some times the riggers hit, sometime copper down the shoot (straight out the back) hits. Try it all, it is a great time! That's why they call it fishin and not catchin! Good Luck!!!

  3. Thanks guys. I took your advice and picked up a couple of Otter boards. I also picked up a couple of 57LC reels and a couple of Shakespeare Tidewater roller rods. I figure these rigs will do the job without totally breaking the bank. I've fished with dipseys many times. I do plan on trying the wire on the boards. Thanks again for all your help!

  4. I've been trolling Lake Ontario fairly seriously for about five years now. I usually run two cannon mag 10's with two rods on each and on rare occasion a fifth and sixth off dipseys depending on how many people on board. I use a depth raider and a fish finder and now I want to get a little relief from the monotonous 8 hours of steering the boat. I have a 26 foot Chapparal single screw I/O with cable to power steering. Can anyone recommend an Auto Pilot that would be good for trolling?


  5. I cross Lake Ontario quite often and in doing so spend a lot of time without sight of land or other vessels. I do have DSC on my VHF which runs off the GPS which runs off the battery. Now what happens if I lose power to my gear. Or what happens if either the VHF or the GPS fail in high seas and I end up in the water. The answer...I'm screwed without a PPERB. When crossing the pond you should always wear a life jacket and have an attached PPERB and preferable other survival gear as well. The incredible vast majority of fatalities at sea occur to people not wearing life jackets. Complacency breeds contempt.

  6. I agree. This is the reply I put on the petition:

    I am an avid salmon fisherman and I totally agree but you'll will never be able to enforce it. Besides, three rods per person still means 6 rods for just two people! WOW, 9 rods for 3 people! Why not just use gill nets. How about 2 rods per person. That still gives the boatf four rods with two on board. That is plenty for a sport fisher man..

  7. I've been trolling for salmon, steels, and browns in Lake O for about four years now without a sensor at my ball. Some days ( about a quarter of them) are good but most not so good. I'm thinking about getting a connon or a Moor. Question 1) is do they really increase boating fish a lot or are they just another toy. Question 2) Other than the light sensor on the Cannon is one really better than the other?

    Thanks Guys!

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