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  1. Anyone have any luck with the bullies yet this year in the Sandy Creek area? I have not been out yet this year. ====================
  2. Went out last night by the public boat launch in Sandy creek. Cought a rock bass no bullies. Hopefully the rain will wake them up!!!
  3. Goin tonight!! Got the lamp fueled and ready to go!!!!! Cant wait..
  4. Anyone hear if the "bulls" are running? Lookin to go this weekend. Brian
  5. Thanks Billy And Travelin Man. Its hard to find good swivels. I will give those a shot!!
  6. Thanx!! Looks like a good bunch of guys!
  7. Copy all that. I will save the "vanish" for the kids bluegill pole..
  8. New to trolling.. Should I use the stock leader or use my own leader on flies. (20 lb "Vanish") I would use my own just cause I know what it is.
  9. Do Salmon and Trout bite at night before dark or am I wasting my time just washing lures? Seems everyone goes out in the Am, Brian
  10. Hi all!! Just joined the forum. My Name is Brian from Hamlin NY Boat (FANCY FADS 2) is in Sandy creek. Been fishing all my life. Have a 19 ft Searay with a couple of downriggers that have just been mounted. New to trolling though, just learning by trial and error. Not gotten anything first couple of times out. Looking forward to talking to eveyone!!
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