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  1. Fished Keuka for many years in a row with the Seth Green Rigs during the second week in June. Camped at Park at Branchport and stayed near Bluff several of the years. Had great luck up till this year's June. Something spooky was going on. Really struck out. Fish on finder but couldn't make them hit. Caught a few, but really goofy. Met folks from Pa. at Park who had still fished it for years successfully with sawbellies. They were having the same results. Though I knew lakers, but this was a new twist !!!! misfire
  2. Back on Lake Ontario United. Been away for a while. You guys talking about Wally Allen got me remembering. I started fishing for lakers as a skinny 18 year old kid from Elmira just out of high school at Getchell's boat livery. Five leader Seth Green rig in box with Suttons and or bait gangs, rowing a 12' Ben Reno. Nuff said. Still trying to catch a laker now and then. Best Regards, misfire
  3. Nice to know some old guys are still around. Spent time gathering knowledge from him in the mid fifties. misfire
  4. Has anyone been fishing for lakers in the Sampson area lately. Any luck?
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