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  1. You should check the transom closely also. When the floor went bad in my 86 Sea Nymph, the transom was also getting soft and I replaced it at the same time. I used pressure treated plywood and fiberglassed it. That was about 15 years ago. Its still solid.
  2. I have a Cabellas chest wader, 5 mill with insulated boot. They were the warmest I could find when I bought them. They are in new condition. I will be in Florida for next 3/4 weeks before I go back to Va.
  3. Brand new , still in original box and packing. Never been installed. I bought it when I retired and discovered golf. $300 Sold
  4. I have a new in box lowrence lcx-20 I bought 3 years ago when I retired. Not sure if this would meet your needs. I discovered golf and never installed.
  5. What the opinion on this unit. It is dual frequencies and has a GPS antenna. In good condition. Approximate value ?
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