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    One size medium military issue alpenflauge camo. This suit contains bib pants, jacket, pack, and cap all in matching camo. This is heavy duty with a ton of storage pockets. Bought for my wife who decided not to hunt. First $25.00 takes it.
  2. My last trip to the henrietta store was really the last straw. I never had a good experience with them. The last trip I picked up three packs of soft plastics all the same exact lure with three different prices. When I got to the register they tried to charge me all three prices. I had the foresight to bring the sign with me from the shelf with the correct price as they have tried this before. Long story short i ended up walking out without any lures. I wrote the manager who took a month to answer me and then said he was sorry but they were so busy they didn't have time to look up a price. Ha, I pointed out to him there was only two people in line and I had the sign with the correct price. I further explained the receipt is date and time stamped and he could look at the video and see there was only two people in line.What a joke. In the 5 times I went there I was totally disappointed and have never went back.
  3. Whale watch is a festival they have every year at seneca lake. Thats why you saw it near exit 42. I have never attended, but friends who have say its just another festival with crafts and such.
  4. What makes you think that would work? Last weekend I was pulling my boat at I Bay ramps where there were two attendants on duty, And all three boats in front of me pulled their crafts out of the water and sat in the launch lanes while they unloaded and prepped their boat for the ride home. they have a huge parking area for that stuff. No attendant enforced the rules and they never do, as they sat talking in their little hut. Meanwhile I sit there in the water idling while they prep their boat.
  5. Living in Wayne county. Mainly a bass fisherman but will fish for everything. Trout stream fishing mainly but recently introduced to salmon. The first trip out at Sandy hooked me. Those things scream some line. Have a 17 1/2 foot bass fishing boat. Looking forward to learning more about the lake.
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