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  1. NYS law allows consumption of alcohol on board a boat. There is no open container law. You may not operate a boat in an intoxicated condition. Same limits apply as driving a motor vehicle on the road. Any BAC .08 or higher is BWI. The biggest difference is that you do NOT lose your license or have points against your drivers license if you are convicted of BWI. The court can and will suspend your operating priveleges, meaning that you cant legally operate a vessel in NYS waters. Of course you dont have to worry about it if you dont consume alcohol while you are operating a boat!

  2. No requirement yet for recreational boat operation other than under 18 years of age. ALL PWC operators, regardless of age must complete a boating safety class to operate a PWC. I wouldnt be surprised to see the state start to gradually increase the age for boat operation, same as they did with the PWCs......Take the class!

  3. Catching fish on light rods off the boards is good fun, especially when you are used to the Seth Green rigs. No weight or dipsey means the only thing you are fighting is the fish. My boat is an I/O, so after I winterize it I am out of the water until late March. I would be game for a winter trip with you guys, as long as its after deer season! Onanda actually has a pretty good launch site, nice ramp and deep water. Lets see what winter brings.


  4. Hey Flxtroutman. Ive been lurking here for a while, reading the posts, finally registered. Sorry to hear that things have shut off for you in September on Canandaigua. I had a very slow July, but since about the second week in August the fishing has been pretty much outstanding. I fish a lot in the same area you did this week, North end pump house to Tichenor pnt. I havent been out since last week when we put 7 lakers a brown and a nice 4lb bow in the box in about 3 hours. Sunday the 16th we boated 5 of 10 hits in less than 2 hours. Both of those trips were evenings......Best action on Sutton 25 for lakers, orange stinger for the 'bows. I would love to have the kind of success on my flashers and flies that you have, but they dont seem to produce for me. Cant figure out why. I will pull the boat soon, archery season is almost here, but I will keep tabs on your reports. Good luck! :)


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