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  1. Wow, didn't see that coming..I guess we should be happy he's not holding anyone's money? 


    That's a fairly unstable fuse. 


    I stopped at the bait shop 6 days ago and was told they knew NOTHING about any Sodus Point tournament. 

    Maybe no one knows anything because I, Me, Myself was working on this in between running two small business and working a 90 plus hour a week job. Everything was laid out and ready for production including registration by the end of May as discussed with some.  Read back through the thread it was a guaranteed event in place and ready to happen with some fine tuning required for payouts. Information rules, structure, dates etc available online. Ahhhhhh it doesn't matter , I'm not waastng anymore of my time. "Unstable fuse", maybe one should look in the mirror from time to time.

  2. We will be holding the Sodus "Pro / Am" as planned, to what extent is to be determined. Although we have had the initial rush of yes, absolutely, definately we are in so on and so on. The commitment is slow forth comning. We wish we had the capital to run with the original plan but unfortunately we do not. We will be fine tuning some things in the near future and setting a deposit deadline for those planning to participate. At that time we will be able to determine the pay out and prize structure. We are hoping to be close to or BETTER  than the initial structure. There will be competitive fishing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. the rewards will be determined by all of you. So we ask, get the word out and be ready for a one of a kind fishing event at Sodus Point.


    stay tuned for updates.

  3. Wayne, Thank you and I will be talking with you in the near future as to the sponsoship offer, we do appreciate that greatly, at this point we are doing this on our own (imagine that)



    I'm sure Tom Frank from Capt. Jack's will do big fish Friday again this year as he has in the past. Everyone seems to be good with that. I'll confirm it this weekend. Troy has enough on his plate already.


     As to the big fish friday for our tournament running from July 19th thru July 21  (WE  will be running that as well, that is the easiest portion of this event). Mr. Brown, I appreciate your willingness to answer questions directed to me on my post however, I would appreciate it even more if people would consult with me prior to answering my questions.


    Thank You

  4. UPDATE: I've ask, I've ask, I've ask. Heres the deal. Although the original poll shows one thing and the numbers can be taken for what they are. We have TWO eople working on this tournament. This takes A LOT of time and effort to put together. And this is the easy part. I have ask for email with team name and events you will be fishing and events you might be fishing, Definitely want to see both but NEED the ones that know they will be attending. The format and rules are there to review, http://soduspointbaittackle.shutterfly.com/ww they may be tweaked somewhat but it will be close to whats there now. I have received two emails at this time and 10 other forms of confirmation as to participation. I'm asking again for the last time. (yep I'll be the butt of the day, someone has to do it) I need emails sent to [email protected] with the team names, events you will fish, events you might fish. We have way to much going on to waste time here if no one is going to participate. If we can get you all involved as to who is going to participate. We can make this a BIG enjoyable and competitive weekend. If not then I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens when we set our sign up dates and get the numbers and see what we can do at that point.

  5. Chas0218 - The observer for your team will be randomly picked at the catains meeting to go on another boat. The observer on your boat will be from another team. It is your choice on your observer, however this should be a wise and seriously thought out choice to perform the duties required of them and to maintain the integrity of the tournament. Not just in it for the 100.00 or 150.00. Should you choose an observer that is just going for a boat ride not only are you afecting the integrity of the tournament but you are giving your observer's team an advantage over you.

    Matt -If we was to do the best 6 of the 9 box limit that would be unfair to the Am teams and anyone else that may be just fishing the shootout only. that is the reason for the first 6 from the pro division.


  6. AC/DC first thing as your setting the rods, Can't tell the one particular song but it seems to work even in a slow period if ya crank it up. I'm sure some have heard it that were within a mile or so :lol: Then if that doesn't work once in awhile just lightly place your hand on a rod turn look at the crew and say hmm what's on this one. First time I did that everyone yelled a fish. as I turned the drag was screaming.

  7. Hey Vince,

    I ask for comments back not suggestions :lol: No really all comments or suggestions are welcome.

    you should make max number of Salmon kept to be 9/6. If you allow any number above the allowed number to be weighed, trouble will occur.

    Pro box - IF YOU CAN MEET THE CHALLENGE OF A COMPLETE BOX being Nine (9) salmon , One (1) Brown Trout over 5 pound , One (1) Steelhead over 5 pound , One (1) Lake Trout over 5 pound

    Am box - IF YOU CAN MEET THE CHALLENGE OF A COMPLETE BOX being Six (6) salmon , One (1) Brown Trout over 5 pound , One (1) Steelhead over 5 pound , One (1) Lake Trout over 5 pound

    I guess to clarify this - This is your goal regardless of team structure. As long as you have sufficient licensed anglers on your team to meat this. You can not go over this limit regardless of number of licensed anglers on board. The note about NY DEC regulations was for a boat that may choose to only fish with maybe two anglers or lessor anglers than could meet the box quota.

    You wisely state that in the case of inclement weather boats can seek refuge, but must not dock. You should also add boats cannot "raft off". No boat to boat contact

    Point taken that will be added. I was thinking the remain in open waters and NO COMMUNICATION during tournament hours would cover this but um hm.

    You may want to rethink the 3pm quit time, as with a drop of dock and possible low water, I don't see even a small event getting it done by 330 safely.

    I'm not following you on this one. Additionally I'm working on something else here anyway but what I was saying is be inside the pier head by 3:00 pm your cooler in line by 3:30 pm. If congestion prevents you from having your cooler in line you must be in contact with tournament committee and within sight at that time. We can see from the shop to the chute :yes:


  8. Ok for the third time :headbang: I was timed out the last two times and for some reason it didn't save to draft for me, so here we go again.


    The first draft of our tournament information and rules has been posted on our website. Same place as the format documents. http://soduspointbaittackle.shutterfly.com/ww

    feel free (Like I need to say that :lol: ) to look it over and fire back with your comments. Some things on there may be tweaked somewhat here and there and others are what they are.

    One thing I'm sure is going to spark some conversation is the box combination. I think with this type of a mix it will bring out the BEST of the BEST. It WILL NOT be easy to get a complete box especially with the bonus fish. However with an extra 50 points on the line I think it will definately be worth the time to strategize and plan your day and then try to execute. The extra 50 points will be BIG pushing you to the top. Think about this although not practible but possible with the numbers you could be in 40 th place with you salmon quota and were the only one to meet the chalenge of catching the COMPLETE box. The extra 50 points would shoot you to 1st. this will make more since after you look over the information.

    Also the payout structure on the previous documents is based on team participation. So to try and dress that up a bit I could use your help in trying to determine close estimates as to number of teams in each class. I would like to be able to say the payout is what it is but with no outside support that is impossible to do.

    PLEASE SHOOT ME AN EMAIL WITH YOUR TEAM AND WHAT EVENTS YOU WILL BE ENTERING. This takes a lot of time to put together although this is only February , July will be here before you know it. Spread the word out to all those that may be interested and may not be on L.O.U.

    [email protected]

    Thank You

  9. The rules will be coming out shortly, I was hoping by this weekend but I don't see that happening at this point. I have one or two things going on that are occupying my time. Can say there will be observers and there will be NO communication. I think teams should really look over the lay out of this jam packed weekend. I know everyone says it's not about the money so how bout we just award trophys, I'll keep the money :lol: ok seriously if you look the documents over the calcutta is where the BIG money is and that has not been carved in stone as to paying out three places or one HUGE pot. I'm going to let you decide how you want to do that and all we need toi do is hand out the cash. Without going back and looking what was it like 43,000.00 if your good enough to take it all. I know I have a list of 41 teams right now that I'm pretty sure will fish this and hopefully we can gather support for the calcutta. Lets make this the event of the lake. Yes a LOT of time in this already. I have not even begun to gather sponsorship yet but I think we will get a lot of support when they see what we are putting on the table. Stay tuned for that part :yes: If some of you still can not open the documents, shot me an email and i'll send them to you that way.

    [email protected]

    I'll get the rules out as quickly as I can.

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