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  1. Hi Clarke That's helpful, thanks. Knowing that the up switch should be continuous retrieve, I'll play with it a bit and see if it was just user error or something wrong with the switch. For down, I gave up on the motor lowering it and just loosened the clutch....zzzzinnnggg, down she goes. 150 feet at 1 foot per second is a long 2.5 minutes when you're wanting to fish NOW. It is good to know they are slow too, not necessarily something wrong with it. I figure it will be fine in summer, when fishing shallow for the big ones, as it'll retrieve well before the fish is at the boat. For winter, a bit slow, but better than nothing. Thanks again for the info John
  2. Hello I am writing from Canada's west coast. I just bought a used Cannon Magnum 10 electric downrigger. I have used Cannon manuals, but never electric. I see some Cannon pointers in another thread, so I'm hoping someone might be able to answer a few questions I have. The downrigger didn't come with a user manual! There are two buttons, one is toggle up/down, which is self-explanatory. The other one is a white push button that you can't push in or pull out, and it isn't clear what it does. Can anyone clarify? Something to do with positive ion control maybe? I was surprised that the toggle up does not seem to have an "auto up" feature. It only raises the ball when you hold it, which defeats most of the purpose of having an electric downrigger, at least for solo fishing. Am I doing something wrong, or is this how some older models are set up? Anyone wire in a different switch to fix this? The retrieve rate was quite slow, definitely slower than Scottys. I didn't time it, but I'd guess about 60 feet per second. Is this normal for this model or is it defective? I got the fish to the boat before the ball, fishing at 150ft. Any input most appreciated! And happy fishing to you all. John
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