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  1. I have a 1990 17' Spectrum with a 90 HP Force. Engine runs good, just replaced the trigger to the ignition this summer. 2 cannon downriggers, balls, etc. Marine radio and antenna. Front mounted trolling motor. Planer boards can go with it too. Has a canvas top and a fitted canvas cover for the boat. The only two issues with it that I am aware of are that the skeg to the motor is partially broken off- was this way when I got the boat and the floor between the walkthrough windshield is weak- I made a repair that is okay for now. The boat has been barely used for the last 8 years. I would like $3000 for this. Boat is at my son-in laws for storage. Live just south of Nichols NY. If you are interested in looking at this or asking questions I can give you my phone number. It is an excellent fishing boat for the lakes.
  2. I honestly do not doubt the need for this in certain areas and certain types of water systems. I have fished this river each fall for the past 30 years. It seems that there are a heck of a lot more issues with runoff than there ever will be with diseased baitfish being brought in by someone. I can understand limiting species of bait. Baitfish already in the system is what should be able to be used in it. I am not upset by just the expense of purchasing bait. I honestly in the past may have spent more money on gas trapping bait than I would if I just bought it. For me it is a hardship because there just are not all that many certified bait dealers who you can depend upon keeping shiners on hand for the fall fishing season. There may be two between Binghamton and the PA line. That is about 45 miles of water with possibly only 2 baitshops. The 7 day window for keeping means each weekend will require a trip to a one of these and keeping my fingers crossed that they have any. Like the other fishermen who have joined this site, I respect the waters I fish and would not want to see damage to these systems that can be prevented. I just really wonder if this really is a threat to the waters I am refering to here. Possibly I do not know all the baitshops between Bing and Waverly. I know some of you guys fish this also- any help on other bait shops?
  3. Here is a letter I recently sent to the nys Conservation department. These new baitfish regulations seem very unfair to the "river fisherman" from my perspective. It is hard for me to fathom that contaminated bait fish is a big problem in the Susquehann or Chemung rivers................ As a resident of PA I have always applauded how NYS ran their hunting and fishing programs. I always felt they did not over legislate and allowed the sportsman the ability to be a sportsman. I am extremely dissapointed to see the change in the baitfish regulations. As a user specifically of the Susqeuhanna River for fishing, this seems to make no sense at all to me. It is hard for me to believe this is a big issue within the Susquehanna watershed. The Susquehanna and it's tributaries are full of all sorts of natural bait. We are now unable to obtain this bait from it's tributaries and drive with it to the river for fishing. These changes will require me personally to travel 35 miles to obtain "certified" bait and it seems for no plausible reason. The other issue is that the certified bait is only certified for 7 days. Each weekend I want to fish I will have to take another 70 mile round trip to obtain the bait. Again- I have always felt NY was a sportsman friendly state. It appears to me that instead of just addressing a problem that may be more specific to a certain part of the state, your commission has chosen to affect a large community of non-trout fisherman adversely. Why would you not consider lifting this rule for the Susquehanna and Chemung rivers and allow bait to be trapped and held from it's tributaries for use in these rivers? I realize I am not a NYS resident but I live near it's border and appreciate the opportunities given to use the natural resources of your state. Baitcatching is not only method to catch fish in the river but also outdoor recreation on it's own. I just feel the non-trout fisherman out there who use these 2 rivers now have regulations put on them that make the fishing much more expensive and harder to find time to do. It is a shame if this is not really necessary for the health of the fish population in these rivers to have this happen. Thanks you for your time.
  4. Do you ever fish Whitney point in the fall? I have been a fall Susquehanna river fisherman for many years and have had an outstanding last few weeks. I am still on vacation to fish and the river is a mess. Trying to decide if a day on the resevoir is worth the trip.
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